Giratina Meta Game Analysis in Pokémon GO

Dragon-type Attacker Scenario

Two aspects hold back Giratina’s performance as a dragon-type attacker, its dragon-type moveset and its attack stat (225). The following graph will be a perfect example to show that, and we even included SC/SB Giratina-O to show how different movesets yield very different results (both dealing SE damage against this raid boss):

Giratina TTW vs TDO on DB/DC Latios Raid Boss Chart

Altered or Origin Forme in PvP?

Here comes the big question: which forme should I use in PvP? This question, believe it or not, is not difficult to answer.

  • In Great League, none of the Giratina Formes can participate at the moment. However, both formes can have less than 1500CP at level 15, provided they eventually get released as research rewards. In lower leagues, where there is a CP cap, Pokémon with high TDO, bulk, and good movesets reign supreme. Giratina-A has a better stat distribution for this league than Giratina-O. Furthermore, even though it cannot learn Shadow Ball, it has access to Dragon Claw (a good, low-energy requirement charge move) and Dragon Breath too. Thus, Giratina-Altered Forme would be better.
  • The same happens in Ultra League. Giratina-Altered Forme has a better stat distribution given the 2500CP cap and reigns supreme in this league. However, Giratina-O can still perform well, if you want to use it.
  • Here is where things get interesting, what happens in the Master League? To sum it up, both formes are good in this league, and there is no clear winner. They are the dominant forces in the Master League. In a “mirror” match, Giratina-O wins. Furthermore, due to its higher offensive power, it wins more and better against a wide variety of opponents. However, since it is more fragile than the Altered Forme, it suffers more in its non-favorable matchups. Against checks and counters such as Dialga, Snorlax or Tyranitar, Giratina-O suffers more and loses harder than Giratina-A, which usually puts up a fight despite losing. Overall, Giratina-O is probably a little bit better in this league, but it also relies more on how the rest of your team cover its weaknesses, whereas Giratina-A does not count on that aspect as much.

Giratina-A looks better for the lower leagues, but the Master League is where things get exciting, and Giratina-O shines. Which one will you choose? You decide!


  • Giratina-O is a great Pokémon to add to your PvE and PvP lineup at the same time, so make sure you get out and raid it!
  • As a Ghost type attacker, Giratina-O performs well and is firmly in the discussion as the most consistent ghost-type attacker in the game. Check the cheat sheet below the flow chart in the section “Giratina as a Raid Attacker” for more details!
  • As a Dragon type attacker though, it is outperformed by the top-tier dragons due to its lack of offensive power (225 attack stat) and the fact that Dragon Pulse is significantly worse than Outrage
  • Altered Forme Giratina is still better in Great and Ultra Leagues, but Origin Forme Giratina can be as good and even better than the Altered Forme in Master League, depending on your team and matchup. Giratina-O wins more and better, but it has worse losses than Giratina-A against non-favorable matchups and relies a bit more on how your team supports its weaknesses. Both are fantastic Pokémon in PvP!

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