5 Underrated Co-Op Games For Switch (& 5 That Are Overrated)

The Nintendo Switch is a great console for any type of play. It does well playing alone and equally well playing with total strangers. And, of course, above all else, it does well playing it at home on the couch with a friend.

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Cooperative multiplayer games are some of the Switch’s best titles. After all, the Joy-Con literally is two controllers in one, so it lends itself well to multiplayer of any kind. Some multiplayer titles are excellent and underappreciated. However, there are a few multiplayer titles that just aren’t nearly as good as fans make them out to be. This list will serve to discuss both of those kinds of titles and give some recommendations.

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10 Underrated: Snipperclips

Snipperclips is a simple puzzle game for two players. The object is to solve puzzles of a variety of types through cutting down the player avatars in a variety of ways. Some puzzles may have players fix a leak, and others will have players dunk a basketball.

Either way, the game is absurdly charming and adorable, making it work for all ages of players. The satisfaction found from putting heads together and cracking a puzzle wide open is a legendary serotonin hit. This game was largely forgotten, and it deserves more buzz for what it does.

9 Overrated: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

The Marvel Ultimate Alliance series of games are hugely nostalgic for a number of gamers. The original title on Xbox 360 and PS3 contains a huge cast of characters and simple, yet fun gameplay. However, in the third installment, not much has changed. This is a good thing for fans just hungry for more beat-em-up superhero gameplay with some more modern heroes.

But for fans who are expecting something a little more exciting, Ultimate Alliance 3 doesn’t quite cut it. Even the best heroes don’t feel noticeably different from the rest of the cast. Plus, the fact that they’re still pretending people care about the Inhumans is just unfortunate.

8 Underrated: Overcooked 2

The chaotic cooking game Overcooked, along with the sequel Overcooked 2, are both hugely underappreciated. They are excellent displays of cooperative multiplayer that are equal parts frustrating and satisfying. The variety of kitchens players are forced to adapt to help to make the game feel fresh at all times.

Combine the solid gameplay with a fun story and a wacky art style, and it creates a game that is pure joy to play. Just be prepared to yell and get angry; this game is not for the faint of heart.

7 Overrated: Overwatch

Yes, Overwatch is a competitive multiplayer shooter. However, it’s also incredibly team-dependent and cooperation is key. Not that the actual players in Overwatch acknowledge the importance of this. As a cooperative experience, Overwatch, even with friends, can feel like an uphill battle.

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The randoms on the allied team all seem to be using their steering wheel to play, while the enemy team could be future OWL contenders. The features of the Switch hardly work for a multiplayer shooter, actively making communication harder than it should be. It would be generous to say that one-in-five games feel like solid cooperative experiences.

6 Underrated: Kirby Star Allies

It feels wrong to call a Kirby game underrated, but Star Allies came and went in the blink of an eye. The game is hardly a challenge and DLC adds very little to it. However, it’s still Kirby. The series has one of the easiest bosses in any video game, so expecting anything else is too much.

Still, the game is loaded with charm, solid (if short) levels, and some fun powers to experiment with. This game is perhaps even better than the Yoshi entries for playing with younger children, as the older player can always be there to help out. It isn’t the best Kirby game, but it deserves more respect for what it does right in just being a solidly fun cooperative experience.

5 Overrated: Kirby Super Star

It also feels wrong to call a Kirby game overrated, especially one of the Super Nintendo classics, Kirby Super Star. However, playing through it again with two players reveals that time wasn’t kind to all mechanics of the game. Kirby’s partner has little agency in controlling their destiny.

Kirby decides what form the partner takes and can destroy their essence at will. If the Kirby player isn’t good at the game, the partner is left with not much to do. Obviously these are things that improved through years of game design experience, but it still causes problems. It’s worthwhile to experience, but there are better modern co-op games to try.

4 Underrated: Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends was the unlucky victim of being originally a Wii U exclusive. That exclusivity was short-lived as anyone with eyes could see the Wii U was a sinking ship. However, it seems like few players have had the pleasure of enjoying Rayman Legends, which is one of the best 2D platformers of this console generation.

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The game isn’t designed for co-op, but that experience is just as good as the single-player experience. There’s just enough potential for griefing other players while still making progress that it doesn’t even feel terrible to get griefed. When compared to other co-op platformers, Rayman Legends is just fantastic.

3 Overrated: Cuphead

Cuphead is a great game to play and to watch. It’s an excellent run-and-gun game loaded with fun references. However, the co-op experience of Cuphead can make already frustrating bosses that much worse. The hit points of boss fights are increased to fit with two sets of guns, but that makes the divide between good and bad players so much worse.

When both players are equally skilled, co-op is more satisfying than classic. But when one of the players is constantly getting killed in the first phase of any fight, it just makes things take longer. The game is great, but not a great co-op game.

2 Underrated: Any Game 2-Player, 1-Controller

The scenario of having not enough multiplayer games is a problem that families of game players will face. Co-op games aren’t the hottest ticket items. Those that do co-op well are all games to be celebrated, but there aren’t enough. So, what if every game could be multiplayer? Playing games with two players on one controller is a challenge that a lot of people have almost certainly tried at some point.

The design of the Joy-Cons makes them perfect for this challenge, as each player can take one Joy-Con and hold it comfortably without invading personal space. For any players willing to kill an afternoon dead, try out any Switch title and see which ones feel good to play. It may not be the easiest gameplay experience, but it will certainly be fun.

1 Overrated: Any 2D Mario

Since New Super Mario Bros. Wii, every 2D Mario has offered what can generously be called “cooperative” multiplayer. Anybody who has attempted to play these games cooperatively will quickly learn that the mechanics are actively fighting you at every turn. The games are not designed for co-op even when they try to make it more accessible.

It can become so competitive that Nintendo literally designed it to be thay way in Super Mario Maker 2. This would be fine, but online isn’t Nintendo’s strong suit, so even then it remains frustrating. Players looking for a co-op game that makes them hate their friends will find some joy with 2D Mario games. Otherwise, it’s better to just treat it as a decently good competitive multiplayer game.

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