Clash Royale 2v2 Clan Battle Mode

Hey guys today a screenshot of the upcoming new game mode, the Clan Battle, was announced. The basic information about this new game mode in a new blog post on the official Clash Royale website so this seems true! I will post the original image link in the comment section below!

clash royale clan battle

The new Clash Royale 2v2 Clan Battle Mode!

The new Clan Battle Mode is a brand new game mode, not special game challenge and It will be staying in the game!

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Here are some basic information I got so far:

  • To find a new battle with this mode, simply go to the Clan page, press the button and your Clan members will see the invitation pop up. When one accepts it, you will get matched against an enemy Clan.
  • You will be able to see your partner’s deck in a few seconds at the beginning of the battle. You can’t see it during th battle.
  • The Arena map has been slightly extended behind the King’s Tower.
  • Both players have different Elixir Bar with 10 Elixir. (20 Elixir total).
  • Elixir Collector is not shared, only player who deploys the Elixir Collector can gain Elixir from it.
  • Buffers like Rage, Clone etc are shared
  • You can see where your opponent drags their cards.
  • The King’s towers are connected and have doubled firepower.
  • Elixir replenishes 85% as fast.
  • Overtime Elixir replenishes 70% as fast.
  • Team clan chests alternate every weekend with the regular clan chest.

Also, seems like we are going to get a new card very soon. Look behind the Royal Giant! There is something sneaky there! The new card’s timer color is blue. This means you can place this card anywhere on the map… Is it Jungle Berry?


Watch more in Yarn’s video!

Do you like the new 2v2 Clan Battle Team Mode guys?

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