Executioner Hog Nado Deck for Arena 9+

Hey guys, It’s Will again! Today I am going to show you the new stunning Hog Rider Executioner Tornado deck shared by PongTV 2 days ago on his stream.

This deck is being used by a lot of top players and is working very well in both challenge and the ladder. It uses Tornado and Ice Wizard (or Electro Wizard) to make the most of the Executioner.

Executioner Hog Nado Deck

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Executioner Hog Nado Deck

Cards Breakdown

Hog Rider – The main win condition of this deck. He is definitely the most popular win-condition card in the current meta game. Most of the pushes in this deck are based on him. You can couple him with any troop in this deck to do the pig push (to bypass buildings).

Ideally, couple him with Ice Spirit or Ice Golem in front of the Hog. They will tank a few hits for your Hog and immediately deal with any surprising threats (Minions, Minion Horde, Skeleton Army, Goblins etc).

Executioner – The new, incredible star in Clash Royale! He is my favorite card at the moment, basically combined of Wizard and Bowler.

In this deck, he is mainly used on defense. He is excellent against any swarm (both air and ground), Lava Hound pushes, Elite Barbarians pushes (use Ice Golem + Ice Spirit to distract them) etc.

He survives Lightning and 1-level-higher Fireball (which is insane) A lot of players, who have level 10 Fireball, tried to Fireball my Executioner, leaving him with a sliver of HP. I usually place the Ice Golem in front of my low HP Executioner to force my opponents to spend more Elixir to defend. If they ignore this simple but deadly combo, they will regret it.

He is also excellent against Tombstone and Furnace. If his axe can lasthit the Tombstone, it will also kill all of the Skeletons left. I also usually pre-place it on the opponent’s side (after taking 1 Tower down) to deal with the Tombstone.

Tornado – This is literally the most interesting card in Clash Royale. Tornado is great at dealing with almost any push in game. Excellent against spell bait deck.

With the rise of the Goblin Barrel (Zap no longer can 1 hit it), I usually use Tornado to pull Goblin Barrel to my King’s Tower, triggering it, such a huge advantage! You can also use this to pull Hog Rider, Giant, Lava Hound etc to your King’s Tower but due to their HP, use your Ice Spirit to stop them for a while.

Sometimes, when your Hog needs to land the last hit on the Tower, use Tornado to pull all of the defending troops to the back, giving your Hog the chance.

If your opponent places his Royal Giant down at the middle of your side (after taking your Tower down), use Tornado to pull his Royal Giant, forcing him to attack your King’s Tower instead.

Tornado can be effectively used to make the most of your Executioner. Use it to pull as many troops as you can to the middle so our Executioner can easily hit them all. Use Ice Golem or Fireball if needed.

Ice Wizard: He slows down any troop and swarm, giving your Executioner more time to deal loads of more damage.

He is excellent when coupled with Executioner and Tornado. This deadly combo can easily take down a lot of pushes, both air and ground.

If you don’t have the Ice Wizard, feel free to replace him with Electro Wizard, Archers or The Log. The original version of this deck uses Electro Wizard and he is better against Graveyard decks.

Goblins can deal a lot of damage If left alone.

Use them to defend against Hog Rider, Giant, Miner, Princess and lots of other threats. Since Zap can’t 1 shot Goblins anymore, don’t hesitate to use them offensively!

Fireball – Probably the most powerful spell at the moment.

Use it to take out Minion Horde, Barbarians etc. If your opponent drops Musketeer, Witch or any low HP troop down next to his Elixir Collector, Fireball them (be aware because almost any Three Musketeers deck uses Elixir Collector).

While using this deck, most of the time, I use Fireball to:

  1. Damage troops being pulled by Tornado.
  2. Strengthen Hog Rider pushes (pre-Fireball Minion Horde, Skeleton Army, Elite Barbarians, buildings etc).

While using this deck, you will find out how powerful the Tornado + Fireball + Executioner/Ice Wizard combo is!

Ice Spirit – One of the best troops in Clash Royale.

With only 1 Elixir, this card offers just too much value. It freezes everything for 1.5s, helping you deal with Minion Horde, Miner, Executioner (in Executioner fight), Elite Barbarians etc.

Only one Ice Spirit is enough to help you deal with Mega Minion, Musketeer, Goblins, Fire Spirits, Guards, Minions etc.

Also, If you are pulling a huge push with Tornado but lack of DPS to deal with it, Elite Barbarians for example, use Ice Spirit to pay more time for your Executioner, or to cycle to your Fireball.

Ice Golem – The best mini tank in the game!

On defense, use him to kite Elite Barbarians, Prince, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Mega Minion and loads of other cards to the opposite side. Sometimes, you want to slow down troops being pulled by Tornado (or don’t want them to target your defending troops), place the Ice Golem right on top of them.

On offense, place him at the bridge then your Hog right behind to do the simple but very effective push. You can also do the pig push to bypass buildings by using Ice Golem!

Take a look at here to read more about the Ice Golem!

General Gameplan

At the beginning, you have 2 choices:

  • Make an aggressive push with Hog Rider + Ice Golem or Hog Rider + Ice Spirit. Since this deck is very cheap (3.0 Elixir Average Cost), you will have enough troops to defend probably.
  • Play either Ice Wizard, Ice Golem or Executioner at the back and wait for your opponent’s move. If he places something expensive down, push hard on the opposite lane, force him to split his Elixir to defend.

This deck is 100% control deck! Use anything you have to defend, to gain positive Elixir, then couple the survived troops with Hog Rider for the strong counterpush.

Deck Matchups

LavaLoon Decks

Somehow, LavaLoon userate is increasing in Arena 10. If you face LavaLoon, save your Executioner and Tornado exclusively to deal with it!

Place your Executioner down to on the same lane. Wait until your opponent places the Balloon down then use Tornado to pull them all to the center. Use Ice Spirit or Ice Wizard If needed.

You will be fine most of the time. This deck is very strong against LavaLoon

Giant/Golem Beatdown Decks

Use Ice Wizard to slow down the Giant and use Goblins as your main DPS troop on defense.

Try to keep your Goblins save by using Ice Golem to distract the supports behind.

Use Tornado + Executioner in case your opponent plays Fireball on your defensive troops.

Hog Cycle Decks

Use Ice Spirit + Goblins to take out the Hog Rider. Ice Wizard + Goblins would also work very well. Counterpush with the survived troops.

In the worst case, use Tornado to pull the Hog Rider to your King’s Tower (The worst case is you have Tornado, Hog Rider, Executioner and Fireball in your hand).

Spell Bait Decks

Use Tornado to force Goblin Barrel to trigger your King’s Tower (read more at here).

Save your Goblins for Princess and Fireball for Minion Horde.

As this deck is very cheap and most of the cards are very versatile, you will be fine!

Graveyard Decks

Use Ice Wizard to slow down the tank. Save Goblins and Ice Golem exclusively for the Graveyard.

As your opponent will almost always Fireball your defensive troops, try to use Executioner to deal with the Graveyard first (to bait out Spells) then use Goblins or Ice Golem.

Three Musketeers Deck

As long as you have the Tornado in your hand, your opponent will never be able to split his Three Musketeers.

Don’t use your Fireball on the Elixir Collector or Minion Horde until you know your opponent has Three Musketeers.


This deck is definitely one of the most used decks at the moment.

I, Will, have been playing with this deck for 2 days and getting a lot of great results. I have gotten 3 Grand Challenge Wins so far.

I haven’t used it on the ladder yet as my Executioner is still level 3, which can be 1 shot by overleveled Fireball easily.

Hopefully you guys like this deck! Don’t hesitate to comment If you have any advice or question!

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