Flaaffy Raid Counters Guide

Flaaffy is a Generation II Pokémon that made an appearance in raids as a Tier III Boss during the Valentine’s Day 2019 event. Flaaffy is an electric type, meaning it is weak to only ground types while being resistant to electric, flying, and water types. It is boosted by Rainy weather, has a Raid Boss CP of 10690, and leads to its capture CPs being in the following ranges:

  • 814 – 869 CP for a regular Level 20 encounter
  • 1017 – 1086 CP for a Rainy  weather boosted encounter (Level 25)

Flaaffy has a stat composition of 145 Attack, 109 Defense, and 172 Stamina leading to a Max CP of 1521.

When compared to its fellow Raid boss releases for the Valentine’s 2019 shakeup, Flaaffy has to be one of the easiest, not only being soloable but with its extreme weakness to ground types, it will barely last in the fight. Movesets, your choice of Pokémon, and their levels, hopefully, all at or above level 30, can determine a successful solo or not, so take this all into consideration.

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Flaaffy Raid Counters

Flaaffy Raid Counters
Supreme Flaaffy Raid Counters
  • Mud Shot Ground
  • Earthquake Ground
He’s the ground-god, need we say more? Great all around stats, great when it comes to defense and offense, and generally known as the best ground type Pokémon in Pokémon GO.
  • Mud Slap Ground
  • Earthquake Ground
Have you stacked up your Sinnoh Stones? You might want to think twice about investing them in Mamoswine this Community Day and instead look at giving this carbon-copy Groudon a second shot.
  • Mud Slap Ground
  • Bulldoze Ground
We expect Mamoswine to be able to take a beating as easily as handing one out, it serves as a great backup for the elite ground types.
Excellent Flaaffy Raid Counters
  • Mud Slap Ground
  • Earthquake Ground
Consider Donphan Mamoswine’s second cousin. It is kind of similar, but just a bit less powerful. Either way though, he’s still reliable, and moreso since it got Mud Slap with the PVP changes on January 31st.
  • Mud-Slap Ground
  • Earthquake  Ground
  • Mud Shot Ground
  • Earthquake Ground
Swampert might seem odd as it has a Water typing, but its Ground type fixes that issues and allows it to outright resist Flaffy’s electric move instead of taking extra damage!
  • Mud Shot Ground
  • Earthquake Ground
Good Flaaffy Raid Counters
Time to win rises considerably from here, and these Pokémon are best kept to B-teams or used when a large group is active.
  • Dragon Tail Dragon
  • Hydro Pump Water
  • Dragon Tail Dragon
  • Outrage Dragon
  • Dragon Tail Dragon
  • Draco Meteor Dragon
  • Confusion Psychic
  • Shadow Ball Ghost
  • Mud-Slap Ground
  • Earthquake Ground
  • Smack Down Rock
  • Rock Slide Rock
  • Dragon Tail Dragon
  • Outrage Dragon
Dugtrio (Alola)Dugtrio (Alola)
  • Mud-Slap Ground
  • Mud Bomb Ground

We also have the raw output from the Go Hub simulator, showing the top ten against a Flaaffy, with the focus being an overall look instead of one specific area, such as Time to Win or faint counts (unreleased Pokémon may be featured):

# Pokemon Fast Move Charge Move Time to win Deaths
1. Groudon Mud Shot Earthquake 47.1s 0
2. Garchomp Mud Shot Earthquake 48.9s 0
3. Mamoswine Mud Slap Bulldoze 52.8s 0
4. Rhyperior Mud Slap Earthquake 54.5s 0
5. Donphan Mud Slap Earthquake 58.5s 0
6. Swampert Mud Shot Earthquake 59.1s 0
7. Flygon Mud Shot Earthquake 60.1s 0
8. Palkia Dragon Tail Hydro Pump 59.9s 1
9. Salamence Dragon Tail Draco Meteor 60.7s 1
10. Rayquaza Dragon Tail Outrage 59.2s 2

Flaaffy Movesets

Flaaffy has access to the following moves:

  • Charge Beam Electric and Tackle Normal
  • Thunderbolt Electric, Power Gem Rock, and Discharge Electric

You really don’t have much to worry about when it comes to any of Flaaffy’s movesets. If you come in with a strong team of ground types, none of its moves should be of any issue to you and your team. Unless if you want to try something gutsy and jump in with a bunch of water types, I see it as nearly impossible for Flaaffy to get any significant amount of damage on your team.

Weather Effects

Rainy weather will allow for a boosted raid, although it will make it a bit more difficult to take down if it comes in with electric moves (which is still easy to take down). Otherwise, your best option to take Flaaffy down would be in the Sunny or Clear weather where ground types know no limits. Since Flaaffy has a pretty predictable moveset, there shouldn’t be that many surprises when it comes to weather effects.

Weather Pro Con
Sunny Boosts Ground type moves
Partly Cloudy Boosts Flaaffy’s Tackle Normal and Power Gem Rock moves
Rainy Allows a Level 25 Encounter from Weather Boost Boosts Flaaffy’s Charge Beam Electric, Thunderbolt Electric, and Discharge Electric moves

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