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Skins in Fortnite play an important role for character customization and representing a player’s skill. Some skins are obtained by accumulating V-bucks and buying them from the store while others are only obtained if players complete enough challenges.

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There are a number of skins that are really well made and give the characters a unique and impressive appearance in the game. There are also skins that serve the sole purpose of making others question why a person would waste their time and V-bucks on such an ugly or ridiculous skin.

10 Worst: Cuddle Team Leader

An infamous skin with an eerie cult following, many of the skins in the Team Leader line are a bit eerie or weird, but the Cuddle Team Leader takes the cake. Depicted as a pink furry teddy bear with a white scar, broken black heart, and purple gloves this outfit is prominent during Valentine’s Day with occasional appearances in the store.

It’s possible some wear it because it’s one of the legendary skins, but it’s such a bizarre skin it’s hard to imagine why someone would spend their 2,000 V-Bucks on this and not something less creepy. It also came with the black Cuddle Bow, because why not.

9 Best: Demogorgon

This nightmare fuel is a stunning recreation of the iconic creature from the Netflix TV series Stranger Things. With its gaunt figure, dark gray skin, sharp claws, flower-like mouth with rows of teeth this thing is both a masterpiece and a healthy dose of disturbing.

It was created as part of the Stranger Things promotion for the season 3 release and costs 1,200 V-Bucks. No doubt it startled a number of players who were unprepared to see this creature roaming the battlefield looking for its next victim. It was probably even more startling when players realized it wasn’t some npc creature but a gun-toting player.

8 Worst: Grimbles

Even if you were a fan of movies like Sherlock Gnomes you’d have to admit that this skin is just too weird to be worth the 1,200 V-Bucks. This skin dons the player with a ceramic gnome head with a matching outfit in blues and purples with gold trim.

Combat wise the red hat is tall and pointy which would make the player more visible. Perhaps some players thought the red eyes style would make it cool, but even then it’s still just a weird-looking gnome.

7 Best: Molten Valkyrie

This stunning female outfit was part of the lava legends bundle available for $19.99 with no option to spend V-Bucks at this time. The pack included a number of other items including a set of Molten Valkyrie Wings and a custom loading screen.

Players will intimidate foes with the black armor, spiky crown, fiery red hair and molten lava glowing from the armor as they gun down opponents. It almost looks like something you’d see out of World Of Warcraft. The pack is no longer available but it’s likely the individual items will appear on the storefront randomly in the future.

6 Worst: Red-Nosed Ranger

The Red-Nosed Ranger skin was a surprise release last year and it was definitely a surprise. For 800 V-Bucks players could dress their character up like a frat guy going all out for a Christmas costume party.

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With a red pair of pants, deerskin costume, green bandana, and a helmet complete with antlers, mistletoe and deer ears, it’s a ridiculous costume. Admittedly it probably fit in with the Christmas theme at the time, but any other part of the year this thing is just absurd for players to dress their character’s up in.

5 Best: Arachne

A legendary outfit that was released last year, this spider-esque look is available for 2,000 V-Bucks if you find it in the store. This skin makes female characters look stunning with a black armor outfit complete with spikes, claws, red accents, and an amazing helmet fashioned after a spider head.

It also came with the optional Long Legs back bling that made the character look like they were sprouting four spider legs out of their back. It was a great outfit to celebrate Halloween and fans hope it makes another return this year.

4 Worst: Tomato Head

Nothing says hardcore warrior like dressing up as the mascot of the Tomato Town Pizza Restaurant. This goofy outfit has the player don a green jumpsuit with a red and pink vest, and a tomato head complete with mustache.

The shin guards are a humorous touch as they could be added on for combat purposes or they were used by the mascot to defend against kicks from mischievous children. It costs 1,500 V-Bucks in the store and has an alternate Crown style that you can unlock after playing 25 matches, dealing 5,000 damage to opponents and gaining 20,000 XP.

3 Best: Ruin

This monstrous skin has the player appear as a demonic lava monster hell-bent on destroying the world and its citizens. The outfit looks like a lava stone golem infused with fiery energy. He’s available as part of the Season 8 Battle Pass and requires players complete 55 challenges before he’s unlocked.

In the process of unlocking him players will also obtain various pieces of gear like the Dying Light back bling essentially a carapace of molten lava and the Dread harvesting tool.

2 Worst: King Flamingo

It’s hard to say what the worst skin is in Fortnite as everyone’s tastes are different but the King Flamingo has to be one of the few that many players will agree is just awful. This one-piece outfit is pink and ruffled to imitate feathers and it comes with a hoodie meant to resemble the head of the iconic bird.

It’s a cheap outfit, selling for 800 V-Bucks if you want to get crazy and buy this kitschy skin, but there are much better options. Purchasing the skin also includes the Lawnbreaker harvesting tool which is a plastic flamingo, because this outfit wasn’t ridiculous enough.

1 Best: Spider Knight

Again determining the best of anything is tough but the Spider Knight meets a lot of criteria to reign supreme among Fortnite skins. This dark skin is a suit of armor covered with a tattered gray suit and tie, clawed gauntlets, dagger and a spider helmet that resembles the head of a spider.

This legendary skin is available for 2,000 V-Bucks if you can find it. It has awesome gear like a Hatchling glider, Web Breaker harvesting tool, and a Spider Shield. Your opponents will not want to be caught in your web when you wear this stunning skin into battle.

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