How I push to 4,000 Trophies with Golem Lumberjack

Have you ever tried to Rage your Golem? Want to have fun with an off-meta deck?

What do you think of a deck that consist of some underrated cards that is capable to win against a lot of matchup?

So here it is the GoWiLum Deck!

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Royal Lumberjack helped me push to 4,000 trophies!


  • Destroy any troop combination.
  • Easy to 3 crown.
  • The troops synergies each other very well.


  • No multiple cards so weak at distracting.
  • No building damage spell other than Zap.
  • Hard to master. (Tornado positioning, when to place Golem etc)

Cards Breakdown

Golem – The highest hitpoint tank in the game that outclasses by the Giant. This Giant rock is one of my favorite card because how tanky it is and not completely countered by the Inferno Tower.

Never place this rock as a first card unless you want to lose because the enemy will push the other lane and leaving you an option to defend it or the support the Golem.

Wizard – One of the most underrated card at the moment because there is always better alternatives like Musketeer or Executioner.

This is my most level dependent card at the game. Try to always level this card first so that it cannot be killed by Fireball.

You will want to pair this card with a tornado for a complete execution!!

Decent counter to Elite Barbarians when put behind the tower ( yes it hurts, but your Wizard wont die and thus give you 6 elixir profit.

Lumberjack – Again, also one of the most underrated card and also the worst leggy according to Unstoppable’s opinion.

Honestly, this card is the reason why this deck works, Why? because this card can :

  • Defend your Elixir Collector against miner and goblin barrel.
  • Defend you against their Royal Giant and Hog Rider
  • Paired with Ice Golem, it can fully counter Elite Barbarians and still survive with a bit of health.
  • If this card dies first, the rage it gives will be a huge help for the push.
  • If this card doesn’t die, the damage it contribute will let you successfully win the push.

Well this is what i think and you do not need to agree but Lumberjack definitely is my favorite Legendary that is not level dependent.

Meta Minion – A flying card that has been nerfed a lot of times but still makes it own place in the meta.

If Golem is the Main tank, Wizard is the splash commando, and the Lumberjack is your ground general. Mega Minion would be your air general.

Mega Minion function on this deck is as your Golem primary support since it is cheap and able to kill ground or air threat as a 3 elixir card.

Ice Golem – One of the most used troops in the game and the second tank in charge of this deck.

This is also my main card to make positive elixir trades since it is capable to :

  • Health insurance for your Lumberjack, Mega Minion or Wizard when defending against Royal Giant or Elite Barbarians.
  • Make your half wounded Mega Minion a threat by placing this in front of the meta minion.
  • Pair it with any of the trio DPS cards to completely shut down an Elite Barbarian push.
  • Shutdown an Unsupported minion horde.
  • Lightning Bait and Ambush Valkyrie defender for your relatively weak supports.

Tornado – The huge playmaker of this deck. This windy card allows you to win a lot of pushes.

Tornado if paired with Wizard will absolutely wreck any push combination. Wiznado RULES!

This card is capable to do a lot of other things like:

  • Make enemy miner that is aiming to your Elixir Collector pushed to king tower.
  • Trigger your king tower with enemy Hogs or Elite Barbarianss.

Pull that frustrating Royal Giant that is placed on the middle to the left/ right and making it attack the king tower instead of your second tower.

Pulling enemy Giant or Golem to your king tower is not recommended, mostly because the extra firepower of the king tower will not do much against that tank.

Always use this card with your Wizard most of the time because tornado without a Wizard is like a mentos without a coca-cola.

Tornado with no Wizard is also good to delay enemy push but it is not that terrifying for the enemy, always pair it with the Wizard whenever possible.

Zap – The card that always have been used by me even before the added stun mechanies.

Its main function on this deck is to reset those annoying Inferno Tower, inferno drag, or that sparky.

Never use this card to defend a goblin barrel anymore unless you know your Zap is 1 level ahead of them, otherwise use your tornado to pull them to the king tower.

Elixir Collector – Your card that makes you full passive on the first 2 minutes of the game, Always pump this card whenever possible unless they are going full push.

It is always worth it to take some tower damage for some elixir since this is a full beatdown deck.

Deck Matchups

Easy Matchup

Lava Balloon

  • Wizard + Tornado. and all of their troops are gone.

Hog Rider, Miner cycle

  • Always save your tornado to make them trigger the king tower.
  • Losing a tower early on is acceptable just make sure you have a decent elixir lead.

Normal Matchups

Lava Hound

  • All of lava hound decks are easy to deal with but it will be a problem if those lava hound deck carry a lightning.
  • If you know they have a lightning spell, defend with a Mega Minion and/or Ice Golem to bait their ligthning. If they respond it with a lightning, you can respond it with a Wizard and followed by tornado if needed

Giant Beatdown

  • Sometimes an easy matchup but sometimes dont.
  • Save your Lumberjack for their Giant and place the Ice Golem on the front if needed.
  • Wizard + Tornado for complete annihilation.

Royale Giant

  • Can be A normal/hard matchup depends on the player.
  • If the Royal Giant is supported, use any of your DPS troops with Ice Golem.
  • Usually if battling against an Royal Giant deck, i would sacrifice 1 tower early on for 3 crown win, just make sure to keep getting a lot of elixir advantage.


  • Distract it with Ice Golem and kill it with Mega Minion.
  • Could be a hard matchup if the enemy mortar defended by Inferno Tower,
  • Tying the game can be an option if you know it is hard to breaktrough.
  • To break their mortar-inferno cycle, sent your Ice Golem followed by Lumberjack as the Golem distractor.
  • Or make a lot of elixir possible to make a double Golem push, lul.

Three Musketeer Split

  • Try to keep them in one lane with tornado.
  • If you have no tornado in your hand when their triMusk is deployed, Try to cycle it and tornado it to the middle of your arena side when they reach the bridge.
  • Always tank your Wizard with one of the Golem when Wiznado-ing.

Hard Matchups

Every deck does have a weakness doesnt it?

here is a list of my hard matchup deck and how to win against them


  • The real pain in the ass of this deck, some could say just tank it with your Golem but the enemy will put an Inferno Tower to counter my Golem.
  • The option to win is pushing the other lane so you will not fight the xbow and if you can get a tower trade, the game is already won since siege deck is very easy after the first tower is down.

Giant Three Musketeer

  • No Wiznado is not enough, The Musketeers can kill your Wizard if your Wizard is not tanked.
  • Your Wiznado is not enough to hit all of those Musk with Giant in front of it. Try to tank those Musks with your Golem and kill their Giant first. If it succeed, you can do Wiznado to hit all of those troops.


  • Sacrifice your tower early on with elixir is recommended.
  • Never sacrifice your tower on double elixir time if you haven’t got any tower yet because when you are going to push, the game is likely to be ended soon.
  • This Deck is very good with deck full of troops but on the other hand, Very weak against a building deck since it got no direct building damage spell other than Zap.

Well that’s all about my deck, I am Lvl 10 with 5000/30000 exp that have just reached 4k with this deck with 10/7.5/4.5/2 Deck level also sorry for a lot of grammar mistakes because English is not my main language.

Posted By BW from dharma clan.

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