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Doom Eternal, the ninth title in the legendary FPS series, has finally arrived. Following on from the success of 2016’s Doom, Doom Eternal puts players once again behind the visor of the Doom Slayer, an ancient warrior who battles the demonic forces of hell.

The denizens of hell, currently running amok throughout the solar system, can be a difficult bunch to take down, even for the Doom Slayer. Like its predecessor, Doom Eternal is built around the idea of “push-forward” combat, encouraging players to always be on the offensive. The one weakness in this tactic is when it goes up against a monster that is all about defense, like the Marauder.

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The Marauder is a shield-toting, axe-throwing, shotgun-blasting boss first encountered in the game’s sixth mission, Arc Complex. As a former Sentinel, the Marauder shares a skill-set with the Doom Slayer himself, albeit with a few extra abilities. The most impactful of these is its large, bullet-deflecting shield, which can prevent long-range damage.

The key to defeating the Marauder lies in exploiting the range-thresholds on its weaponry. At close-range, the Marauder will unleash a devastating shotgun blast, while at long-range it will prefer to set a spectral wolf on the player. Both of these attacks are powerful but can be avoided with the correct spacing. By standing at medium range, around 10-15 feet, the Marauder is forced to rely on its throwing axe, which is easily dodged and less damaging than the rest of its arsenal.

Like many of Doom Eternal‘s bosses, knowing how to mitigate the Marauder’s worst attacks is only the first step in defeating it. Once in the correct range, players should make sure to look for opportunities to stagger the boss. These mostly come when the Marauder attempts to charge forward for an attack, at which time it will flash green. Shooting the Marauder at this moment will stagger it, leaving it open to a follow-up attack. Overall, the Super Shotgun is the best weapon for this, as it has the highest damage potential at point-blank range.

Another good way to get past the Marauder’s powerful shield is through the use of splash-damage weapons. Doom Eternal‘s Grenades are the most accessible of these, and a well-placed detonation can even destroy the Marauder’s spectral wolf if it’s being summoned. To guarantee the grenade’s damage hits the Marauder rather than its shield, try to aim them to land to its left, right, or behind it.

Doom Eternal is available for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One. A Switch release is planned for the future.

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