[IDEA] Professor Willow has Discovered mysterious eggs!

Around each period Prefessor Willow will go on his journey to discover more pokémon! But he will discover some unusual things in our world.

Team Mystic Professor Willow and Blanche went to the mount everest and discovered an unique mysterious egg! Now trainers, its your job to take good care of the egg. We are curious to know what it is!.

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0 / 50km egg, Pokémon: Articuno.

Team Valor Dear my valor trainers, I have joined the team of Professor Willow to discover new pokémon on his journey! And we have discovered something unusual in the caves of of the Katla volcano in Iceland. Professor Willows team and I have stumbled on an unique egg! And the more unusual has yet to come, the egg felt like HOT in such a cold cave. Also it feells like the fire in my heart has lead me to this treasure of an egg. Now my trainers, its your job to take care of the eggs. We will make it ready for transfer soon!

0 / 50KM egg, pokémon: Moltres

Team instinct Professor Willow asked me a while ago to come along with him on his journey through North America. I really didn't want to go… but something has sparked my instinct! So after a long journey, we went to the Cloud peak, a mountain in Wyoming. We stayed there camping for like 2 weeks, and we have discovered new pokémon! But one thing remains a mystery… One day we went on a trip to the top of the mountain. Nothing special was out there, but I stumbled on a nest with one egg! I decided to take the egg. As soon I got the egg in my arms, clouds started to take all the light above me. I stared at the sky, and all of the sudden lightning started to strike me. Thank goodness, we got away safely! with thanks to our pokémon. When we were down safe and sound off the mountain. A loud cry from the dark skies was heard, before the sky cleared itself.

Now trainers, its your job to take care of my egg. I need to continue my journey with professor Willow! take good care of it.

0 / 50KM egg, pokémon: zapdos.

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