I’m really discouraged and just wanted to share with y’all

As a solo Pokemon Go player, gyms have been difficult to hold. There's no way to communicate with strangers through the app and team up to take them down.

With raids though, I was excited to meet new people all gathered around a scheduled raid.

Today I went to a raid that I could not solo so I decided to sit and wait for people to come. 3 different groups of people came. Window down, I drove up to all 3 of them as they came and waved my phone to let them know I'm here to battle with them.

All 3 saw me, 3 ignored me and created private raid groups. From what I can tell all 3 of them collected the raid boss and promptly left. After an hour I was left in a parking lot defeated by the boss and alone.

Honestly, tonight sucked. At first I enjoyed meeting new people through the game but lately everyone I've met has not been welcoming or helpful for raids. It's not the games fault, just my city's culture. I'm just really disappointed. I hope others are having better luck.

Edit: Thank you all for your kind words! I definitely feel more encouraged and I'm sure I'll have better luck next time. Thanks guys!

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I’m really discouraged and just wanted to share with y’all
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