New Call of Duty: Warzone Starter Pack Bundle Revealed

Considering the lineage of the Call of Duty franchise, its free-to-play nature, and its crossplay feature, it’s easy to understand why Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the biggest games in the world. Hopping into a game that has taken the world by storm can be a bit intimidating for new players though, with many wondering how to start progressing. It seems like Activision is hoping to remedy this, however, with a new starter pack as part of its Season Four Reloaded update.

In a post on the Activision Games Blog, Activision provided details for the upcoming Season Four Reloaded update. This update will add a multitude of new content like the Rytec AMR sniper rifle, weapon balance changes, and new modes, like Juggernaut Royale.

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The post didn’t stop there, however. In addition to the previously mentioned content, Call of Duty: Warzone will also now include a Warzone Starter Pack bundle for new players. For $4.99, the blog post promises that new players can “get a major boost to your loadouts, Operator collection, and XP earn rate with this pack.”

Players who purchase the bundle will automatically receive 500 COD Points. In addition, purchasers will also gain access to the Amalgam Legendary Blueprint, and an Epic Krueger Skin called “Alchemist.” If that’s not enough, players will also receive two tokens for both 1 hour of Double Battle Pass XP and 1 hour of Double Weapon XP.

This bundle seems like a wonderful starting point for players who are brand new to the game, and veteran players alike. Considering the amount of content that’s being provided, a $4.99 price tag seems like a bargain. It looks like players have a lot to look forward to when release time comes around.

Although many players are excited about what Season Four Reloaded has to offer, the game still has issues that need to be worked on. Hackers utilizing aimbots and wallhacks still plague Call of Duty: Warzone on a daily basis and the problem doesn’t seem to be getting better. It also doesn’t help that it seems like players are finding new bugs every day. Hopefully, these problems will be fixed sooner rather than later in another oversized update.

Call of Duty: Warzone is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One

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Source: Activision Games Blog

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