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Niantic’s recent announcement about the introduction of the new Research Feature (quests) in Pokémon GO (See our news coverage here) certainly made a huge impression on the Pokémon GO community! In light of this incredible announcement, we have created a few guides to help you better prepare and to know better what to expect from this new feature. In this guide, we will focus on the Field Research activity/challenge.

At the moment we are writing this guide, we are still left with very little information, but enough to help you prepare for the Special Research tasks coming on March 30th!

How does it work?

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Field Research tasks can be collected by spinning nearby PokéStops, and they include a wide range of Pokémon-related activities.

You can have up to three field research tasks at one moment and you can skip a task you don’t like — you are not forced to do a quest you don’t want to do!

Completion of at least one Field Research tasks with a Research Stamp. No matter how many tasks that you complete, you can collect only 1 stamp per day.

Once you have been rewarded with your seventh stamp, you will be able to complete a Research Breakthrough. Research Breakthroughs are basically additional quests that will offer greater rewards and even the possibility of encountering a Legendary Pokémon!

One task corresponds to one box, as illustrated in the picture above. For example, Catch a Dragon-type Pokémon corresponds to one task, Win 3 Gym battles corresponds to another task, and so on.

However, and some players might disagree with that, but yes, there will be preconditions to some specific quests. This means that some of the quests will only be unlocked after you reach a particular level/medal in the game.

Finally, unlike daily catch/spin streaks, which require you to catch a Pokémon and spin a PokéStop daily, Research Stamp progression will not reset even if you miss a day.

What do I have to do to complete Field Research tasks?

Below are listed the 16 possible Field Research tasks (some remain unfortunately unclear):

  • Catch a Pokémon;
  • Spin a Pokéstop;
  • Hatch an egg;
  • Walk buddy and get a buddy candy;
  • Win a gym battle;
  • Level up a badge;
  • Complete a raid battle;
  • Transfer a Pokémon;
  • Evolve a Pokémon;
  • Use a berry in an encounter;
  • Upgrade a Pokémon (possibly power up);
  • Land a throw;
  • Level up your trainer;
  • Multi Part;
  • Favorite Pokémon;
  • Autocomplete.

Obviously, some will be impossible to complete for some trainers, such as leveling up. Fortunately, tasks can be deleted/removed/flushed (if we look at the trash bin in each of the boxes as per the image above). Considering that we all live in different biomes, certain Pokémon might be harder to come by in the wild than others, so the possibility to remove a task is certainly a relief.

You will be able to complete multiple Field Research tasks per day; and the more challenging a task, the better the reward.

What are the rewards?

The rewards for the main Field Research task can be found on the right of the screen (see the image above). Most rewards are identified as “useful items” in Niantic’s post, but luckily we have more information for you. Rewards from main Field Research tasks can vary, but we can confirm that the following are possible rewards:

  • Items (potions, TMs, etc.);
  • Rare candies;
  • Stardust (amount yet to be discovered).

As for Research Breakthroughs‘s rewards, collecting seven Research Stamps will potentially reward you with the followings:

  • Stardust (amount yet to be discovered);
  • A bundle of mystery items;
  • A special encounter with a Pokémon (can be Legendary).

This feature comes as excellent news, especially for rural players or people that have often struggle to gather enough people to do Tier 5 Legendary Raids, since it will finally provide them with an alternative option to potentially put their hands on a Legendary Pokémon.

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