Resident Evil 7 Custom PS4 Controller Is Gross And Awesome

As far as custom controllers go, this intricately designed PS4 controller themed after Resident Evil 7 has got to be one of the most horrific-looking yet.

There are few controllers with such a design that it compels players to look away rather than pick it up and play. One such controller was conjured in the creative and twisted mind of Romanian designer Vulpe Andrei, and then fully realized. The fruits of his labor were photographed and sent to Eurogamer, which published his creation with admiration and repulsion.

Using the upcoming horror game Resident Evil 7 as inspiration, with its themes of gore and cannibalism, he custom designed one of the most grotesque controllers imaginable – and we’re impressed.

resident evil 7 custom controller full front capcom

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Image: Eurogamer

Image: Eurogamer

Andrei has managed to create a Resident Evil 7 controller that looks right at home in the macabre residence of the Bakers. For instance, the d-pad has been modified to resemble bloody teeth and the face buttons have been replaced with bullet casings. The controller itself is flesh-colored and marred with gaping cuts, oozing gashes and copious amounts of blood.

By far the most off-putting of the controller’s features are its triggers, which has been replaced with eyeballs; attached to those are long, bloody fingers.

As far as marketing this dreadful beauty, Andrei told Eurogamer, “I am planing on selling any controllers I make but they are mostly for display purposes as they are not very comfortable.” That much most can agree with. He continued, stating his desire to make a For Honor Xbox One controller sometime in the future.

Image: Eurogamer

It wasn’t mentioned when the controller would be on sale, but it could be somewhat soon considering the release of Resident Evil 7 is right around the corner. As that date fast approaches, Capcom has been releasing new information on the game regularly to prepare. Fans will be pleased to know that free DLC will be coming to players this spring and will be available outside of the Resident Evil 7 Season Pass, which has recently been detailed.

These extra episodes should keep players invested long after the game’s relatively short main game is completed. Of course, players could always take another crack at it with the Madhouse difficulty setting on, but, as the name implies, to do so would require a player to be either very brave or quite mad.

Those who fancy themselves the latter might find particular interest in Andrei’s custom controller.

Resident Evil 7 will be available on January 24, 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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