test_post > _please_ignore_

<_Commencing_Shiny_Test_#1>. . . . . . Test-recovery-partition:{loaded}.

___<(_Initialising_Chrales_)>___ . . . <Status>: operational. Waiting for server response . . . . .  Server is not responsive; apparently ????????’s PC is already active at {?????????_??????;}.

[Received null bytes], attempting_decode . . . Printing test-output below:

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<$_Test_output_complete_&>. . . Commencing {in-depth_shine_analysis}. Full report sheet will be available after = 20:00 UTC. {Circumventing_initial_handshake} > > > success. #Hanke_was_not_expecting_this#.

“We’re still not sure about the Kanto incident, reports are not conclusive. Records mentioned a rogue Golduck agent in 11_5_12_19_9_14’s cell, whereabouts unknown as of the time of this transmission.” — ????????

___<%Ash, if you’re reading this, please turn off the emergency medical hologram on your way out.&>___



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