The Best Legendary Cards in Clash Royale

Hello my friends, today I am going to show you everything about Legendary cards in Clash Royale. You will easily see the best use of them as well as which one is the best for your current deck. This deck is very useful If you are about to buy one from the Shop.

legendary cards clash royale

Choose the best Legendary Card for your deck!

Before talking about our Legendary cards, here is some basic tips for you:

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  • Don’t try to switch decks and build decks because of the Legendary you want to use. Instead, buy the one which fits your deck well. For example, If you are very good at using Royal Giant, it’s better to wait and buy either Princess, Ice Wizard or Lumberjack than to buy the Lava Hound. But, anyway, sometimes it’s totally worth it to build the whole new deck based on a Legendary card. For example, If you really love the high risk high reward Sparky deck, build a deck about her. It’s all up to you.
  • What is the Legendary which fits your archetype best?
  • How many Legendary cards do you really need? Remember that the more Legendary cards you have, the harder it will be to improve your deck level.
  • Think twice before purchasing the Legendary card. Don’t spend 40,000 Gold for the Legendary which shows up first If you don’t really know how it fits your deck.
  • There are 2 main ways to save for a Legendary. First, If you are able to buy Gem, get the 2,000 Gem Pack, which immediately gives you 40k Gold and 500 more Gems. The second one is to save Gold by donating cards and opening chests.
    It usually takes up to 3 weeks to save 40,000k Gold, but this is truly not a big deal at all because personally I still enjoy the game without Legendary cards. Take a look at here to see more about the second way!

The Best Legendary Cards in Clash Royale

Now, let’s move to the main part of the guide today. The list below orders all the Legendary cards in Clash Royale from the worst one to the best one in term of purchase and variable.

This is just my personal list and my opinions. Feel free to share your your opinions below to help us improve the quality of the guide!

Clash Royale Lumberjack

#10 – Lumberjack

In last place, we have Lumberjack. The ideal legendary does something that other cards cannot do. The primary strength of Lumberjack is its death Rage, speed, and high DPS. Rage is a very weak card currently, although when paired with certain troops it can be deadly. Unfortunately, Elite Barbarians just outclass Lumberjack too much.

It is very easy to counter, and fragile as well.

There are just too many other cards that do its job and better. Some good decks with Lumberjack include a Miner, Lumberjack, Balloon combo.

The Lumberjack is great for counterpushing, and when it dies, it will Rage the Balloon while the miner tanks. Ignoring the Lumberjack causes your tower to suffer a ton of damage. Killing it will Rage the Balloon. This is a good combo, but not as deadly as some of the other legendary combos listed below.

A good buff for it would be a 5% hitpoint perhaps or possibly a .1 second hitspeed buff.

Clash Royale Inferno Dragon

#9 – Inferno Dragon

Although it is good on defense, it just simply can’t beat Inferno Tower, which does more damage as well as having more HP. Inferno Tower also distracts tanks like Hog Rider, Giant, and Golem, while with an Inferno Dragon, the tank heads straight to the crown tower. Inferno Dragon is decent, if not mediocre on offense. Behind a tank, it is too easily distracted by Skeleton Army. 3 minions will take it down easily for a positive Elixir trade.

Unfortunately I just can’t say that it is a good card in the current meta. Spear Goblins, Ice Spirit, all the cheap spammy cards are too good against it. Some good combos are with a Golem as well as behind a Lava Hound. Mega Minion however is just so much better. It can kill Minions, Archers, Goblins in one swing, is hard to kill with spells, and offers decent DPS.

I suggest to make Inferno Dragon better, it should retarget faster by 20% as well as a hitpoint buff.


Clash Royale Sparky

#8 – Sparky

Sparky, one of the worst legendaries before, is making a comeback.

Oneshotting Elite Barbarians, decimating tanks, and a great support troop behind tanks, it is coming slowly back into the meta.

Unfortunately it is just too easy to counter. Zap, Lightning, Skeletons, Goblin Gang, Electro Wizard, Tombstone, and Minions are running rampant in the arena. Sparky just simply can’t make it to the tower.

Furthermore, with its slow load speed after deployment, it takes too long to hit on defense. Despite this, Sparky is still a good support card behind Giant.

Paired with an Executioner or Ưizard, it is unstoppable. This combo is great, but most opponents will simply Fireball + Zap, or Rocket which will take it out for a huge positive Elixir trade on their side.

Like Supercell already mentioned, Sparky is too hard to buff/nerf. It will simply float around in the meta, strong against cards like Elite Barbarians, but weak in a Zap bait meta with cheap swarm troops like it is currently.

Clash Royale Ice Wizard

#7 – Ice Wizard

The best defensive card in the game aged into an old wizard having a hard time killing Skeletons.

Ever since Graveyard and Skeleton Army became meta with ice wizard not even able to oneshot them, Ice Wizard has been outclassed by Ice Golem and Ice Spirit.

Its hard to see why you should use Ice Wizard when the Ice Golem is there with a huge HP pool and the ability to death nova Skeletons.

A simple buff to allow it to kill Skeletons will help the Ice Wizard come back into the meta.

A few things I love about the Ice Wizard is it’s consistency to slow units, its ability to counter spawners really well, and how it doesn’t die to Fireball or Poison. It’s pretty tanky for its cost as well.

Clash Royale Princess

#6 – Princess

With her insane range and decent damage, she is able to clean up the swarms of the Zap bait meta really well.

Although she is very fragile, her range allows her to take down Furnaces and spawners really well.

She can bait out a Log or Arrows very well. Still a great legendary in this meta.

Good decks to use her in include standard zap/log bait, as she can bait out logs.

No buff/nerf is really necessary, she is well balanced in the meta at the moment.


Clash Royale Miner

#5 – Miner

Miner, Princess, and Ice Wizard used to be the bomb payfecta deck.

It is very strong as it has a good amount of HP, but can be placed anywhere on the map. Reduced damage to crown towers, but it still does a good amount of chip.

It is very versatile and fits in Hog, control, Royal Giant, and Lava Hound decks very well. Takes out Elixir Collectors for a huge positive Elixir trade, as well as tanking for low hitpoint troops like Goblins or Minions. Super versatile card.

Fits the best in Miner control decks, normally involving Bowler/Inferno Tower on defense, while Miner chips away at a tower. Great for tournament games.

Paired with lava hound it also makes a great combo, as it shields the Pups from dying, which will cause a huge amount of damage if left unmolested. No buff/nerf needed

Clash Royale Lava Hound

#4 – Lava Hound

An aerial tank that does the best in tourneys.

With the rise of strong air troops like Mega Minion, Minions, and Balloon, Lava Hound just works so well as a tank for them now. Bursting into 6 Lava Pups adds to the confusion.

Pairing it with a Miner, Balloon, Mega Minion, and 3 Elixir Minions practically makes the Lava Hound unstoppable.

Unfortunately it is not very versatile as Lava Hounds are the main win condition of the deck, normally paired with the Balloon. Lava Hound decks are great in tourneys as a higher level Zap will oneshot the pups on ladder gameplay.

Clash Royale Electro Wizard

#3 – Electro Wizard

The newest legendary with a recent hitpoint buff is pretty strong. It’s better than Ice Wizard with more DPS and a reset mechanic.

It practically makes you invulnerable to Sparky, Inferno Dragons, and Inferno Towers. Left alone it can deal almost 1000 damage.

It’s great on defense, especially as it can’t be Fireballed anymore. Takes down Mega Minions and Minions with ease, translating into a really nice counterpush. Don’t forget its Zap spawn damage as well!

Clash Royale Graveyard

#2 – Graveyard

This is pretty much tied with my first choice Legendary, however I just put it at second since it isn’t as versatile and is still kind of expensive compared to #1.

Anyway, when the card came out, it wasn’t super popular. Gradually it evolved into the meta, as people found that the only true counters were Archers, Minions, Ice Golem, and Skeleton Army. Therefore, clashers learned to put counters to these counters in their deck, including Fireball and Freeze. With this deadly combo, how can you stop 21 Skeletons spawning just a few tiles within your tower?

Graveyard fits into quite a few decks, including Bowler Freeze Graveyard control, Hog Graveyard combos, and tank Graveyard combos.

Many of the top players like Surgical Goblin, Diego, and Backstab have played Bowler Graveyard Freeze, as it is a very conservative and defensive style that can translate into a very strong counter attack, with the freeze finally winning the game for you.

In fact, Graveyard I believe is a bit too strong. Removing a couple Skeletons from spawning will make it a bit more balanced.

Clash Royale The Long

#1 – The Log

Finally, the best legendary of the game! Even with the last nerf, it is still as strong as ever!

Killing Goblin Barrels, great control in buying you a bit more time, destroying Princess, and a cheap cycle card if necessary. More than 100 damage on your opponent’s tower as well!

It can get you out of a last second jam with its pushback if necessary, take out a Skeleton Army, or finish off a Musketeer with a tiny bit of health left.

It’s so versatile it fits into almost any deck, like Zap.

With the Zap bait meta, the log is one of the only hard counters left, along with arrows to kill Goblin Barrels. That’s why this is the best card in the game right now!

Don’t hesitate to share your opinions since this is just my personal list.

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