The Last Guardian Live-Action Trailer Highlights the Long Wait for the Game

A new ad for The Last Guardian in Japan makes a point to the long time gamers have had to wait for the game during its nine years of up-and-down development.

PlayStation 4 exclusive The Last Guardian has had quite the tumultuous journey in its road to release. But now, just days away from the launch of The Last Guardian, gamers are looking forward to getting their hands on a game that first wowed audiences at E3 in 2009.

With seven years of being told the game was still in development, but with no news and years of missed showings at subsequent E3 shows, fans of games in the lineage of The Last Guardian will finally get to experience the next game by Fumito Ueda. That is exactly the history that PlayStation Japan’s new ad for the game plays off of.

The ad is completely in Japanese, but according to Dualshockers, the ad is called “Salaryman’s Episode.” It shows a salaryman (who we would call a businessman in the West) standing in front of some release posters for The Last Guardian. He is telling a colleague standing next to him that he has been waiting for the game for seven years. Before taking a phone call and walking away, his colleague asks if he’s unhappy. But the salaryman mentions how nostalgic it feels to have the game finally coming out.

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There are likely many gamers out there who feel the same way. After seeing bits and pieces of the game for that many years, there is a feeling of the long journey it took to get to this point. Back in 2009, we were also talking about the Swine flu, the Maersk Alabama, and the death of Michael Jackson; Uncharted 2 and Batman: Arkham Asylum were at the top of most Game of the Year lists. So there’s definitely a history and a long wait that gamers have had to endure for The Last Guardian to finally make its way to release.

That’s likely why the game was met with thunderous applause when it was finally revealed to be launching this year on PS4 at last year’s E3. The Last Guardian is the latest game from creator Fumito Ueda who became well known for his games Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

PlayStation Japan plans to release more trailers like this one with different people in it. They will likely be in the same vein of people reacting to the imminent release of The Last Guardian. For trailers featuring gameplay from the game, be sure to check out the latest trailer. There’s also a cinematic CG trailer being shown in movie theaters across the United States.

The Last Guardian releases December 9, 2016 exclusively on PS4.

Source: Dualshockers

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