The Witcher: 5 Most Likable Characters In The Franchise (& 5 Most Hated)

The Witcher series is filled with incredible multifaceted characters of both good and evil intentions. From the main protagonists to the biggest villains, the franchise never lacks in its exciting character development, strong friendships, intense rivalries, and powerful battles. When playing the games, it’s easy to pick favorites since some characters have very likable personalities and traits.

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Along the same lines, it’s very easy to pick out your least favorite characters. They are typically the ones who have selfish intentions, have initiated betrayals and wars, and who just aren’t pleasant whatsoever. Though there are countless diverse characters introduced throughout the series, there are easily five best and five worst that most players would agree on.

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10 Worst: Philippa Eilhart

Philippa always openly discusses her disgust and hatred for Geralt, calling him things such as unintelligent, useless, and weak. She does things only for her own selfish gains and would never lend a hand to others out of the goodness of her own heart. Though she and Geralt work together quite a bit throughout their adventures, it is only when their ideals and goals are aligned. She is power-hungry, conniving, and is always trying to build her way back to advising positions in government, where she can manipulate others in her favor.

9 Best: Dandelion

Dandelion is a fan favorite throughout the games, Netflix show, and the books, being a light-hearted and goofy yet loyal and helpful partner to Geralt. The two become unlikely pals who go through many dangerous and unexpected adventures together. Dandelion lives as a cheerful poet, minstrel, and bard who gets into many shenanigans due to his carefree and whimsical nature. Even after the end of Geralt’s story in the games, the bard narrates that the two continue to meet up as friends throughout their years.

8 Worst: Cyprian Wiley

This man is the absolute worst. The giant crime boss is nicknamed “Whoreson Junior” by Novigrad locals. His gang owned many parts of the city, bringing unrest to many areas. Taking after his father, he became a disgusting and ruthless crime lord who murders, steals, cheats, and lies for his own selfish reasons. He even ordered the assassination of his own father to get on top in his city. He killed women like they were objects to be destroyed and easily deserved his death in the events of The Witcher 3. If Geralt chooses to kill him (which he should), the doppler Dudu takes over his body and reforms his business into a legit and honorable one.

7 Best: Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon

Ciri is one of the best characters in the series due to her strength, courage, loyalty, and her bond with Geralt. She loves with all her heart, trusts openly, admires her teachers, and never wants anyone to get hurt due to protecting her. She craves freedom and spent years of her young adult life traveling from world to world in hopes of finding it. She is strong-willed, quirky, kind, and hot-tempered, with the confidence to do things her way when she knows she’s right. Ciri is an incredible character who spent her youth learning from honorable witchers and deserves a happy ending after all she sacrificed to bring peace to her home and loved ones.

6 Worst: Radovid V

It’s not a medieval-themed series without the presence of a mad king! Radovid slowly loses his sanity and stability as the games progress, with his mental state being very questionable by The Witcher 3. The King of Redania had many people killed and spent the entirety of the third game trying to conquer Novigrad through devious tactics. His rough upbringing led him to be ruthless, easy to upset, and eager to hurt others, making him very unlikable and unsettling. He even gouged Philippa Eilhart’s eyes out, leading her to do the same once she gets the chance to kill him.

5 Best: Vesemir

This wise Witcher is basically the father figure to Geralt, as he took the protagonist under his wing back when he was just a boy. He raised Geralt to become the incredibly powerful witcher he is in the franchise, through tough love and generous training.

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Vesemir is one of the first people the player encounters in The Witcher, as he has to help a newly amnesia stricken Geralt get his hold of things. The two have some heartwarming moments in the third game of the series, with the entire first portion of the game being spent traveling with the older man.

4 Worst: Eredin Bréacc Glas

This Aen Elle elf is the King of the Wild Hunt, whose main purpose was to originally capture slaves to serve the Alder Folk until he changed course to capture Ciri for her incredible Elder Blood powers. The elf is incredibly strong and sharp, with abilities unlike any other in his cavalry. His ability to track down Ciri is alarming, making him a terribly tough villain to hide from. The King only fought for his own selfish ideals: to gain more power. He even murdered his own king in order to take the crown for himself. To most, it is incredibly satisfying when he finally gets defeated during his final battle with Geralt in the third game.

3 Best: Vernon Roche

One of the most loyal characters in the series is Vernon Roche, the leader of the Blue Stripes and faithful Temerian. Throughout The Witcher 2, Geralt and Roche work together on various missions including capturing Foltest’s killer, depending on each player’s game. The two are a trusted pair, and the loyalty grows even stronger if Geralt sides with Roche at the end of the second game.

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In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the two reunite and work alongside each other yet again, with Roche even attending the Battle of Kaer Morhen to protect Ciri from her pursuers. His loyalty to his friends and his homeland is strong, as he is always fighting for others and for Temeria’s freedom.

2 Worst: Emhyr Var Emreis

Emhyr var Emreis is the emperor of Nilfgaard. As the ruler of the most powerful nation in the series, he has conducted many wars to gain more territory and strength. Emhyr is the main antagonist in each the games, Netflix show, and the books, making him the instant unfavorite for all fans of the series. He conquered many lands in the search for Ciri and is always expanding his empire to try to rule the entire land. In The Witcher 2, Emhyr tried to conquer the entire North by sending assassins after the regions kings. He’s not very noble and not at all likable.

1 Best: Geralt

This list would not be complete unless the main protagonist and fan-favorite witcher Geralt of Rivia was included as one of the best, if not the best, characters in the entire franchise. The intelligent, well-rounded, loyal, and talented mutant serves as the most entertaining and satisfying main figures in the Witcher series. He is tough and strong with a loving soft side, who will fight to the death to protect those he loves. Geralt is beloved by many and will continue to be so whether his character returns to the game in any future installments, or if he simply remains on the big screen with the Netflix show.

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