Why Pokemon Go is So Popular


Mark Fidelman explains why everyone seems to be playing  Pokémon  Go together 

First Virtual Reality Game to actually draw a huge crowd and fast
People are out getting exercise

Businesses are trying to capitalize on it

And socially awkward gamers are making new friends by the dozens

It’s now more than Twitter according to SimilarWeb

Why is the game storming the country? Just walk around, and watch as people track down Pokemon – its crazy

For marketers: You can’t control where Pokemon will show up, but you can build some

You can buy a “lure” for $1 and lure Pokemon to your location. That’s going to be valuable for businesses that rely on foot traffic.

The lure lasts for 30 minutes.

Some ideas now: For my Garage client: Stop in and catch ’em all while we change your oil 🙂

Instagram campaign- share a pic of the Pokemon you’ve caught outside the shop for 10% off products or services

It remains to be seen if Pokemon GO will remain strong, and it will be fascinating to revisit data points like this once the game launches worldwide

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Why Pokemon Go is So Popular
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