Yakuza 0 and Tom Clancy’s The Division lead February’s Humble Monthly bundle

The rest of the bundle will be revealed on Feb. 1

Yakuza 0 and Tom Clancy’s The Division will be included in February’s Humble Monthly bundle, the company announced today. The rest of the bundle will be announced after orders close on Feb. 1 at 10 a.m PT.

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Humble’s subscription service offers a secret bundle of PC games each month, promised to be worth $100 or more. Early Unlock games are announced as soon as the previous month’s orders close and are available to download immediately after subscribing. Remaining games are released on the first Friday of the month. (Feb. 1 happens to be a Friday.) Unlike similar services like Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus, Humble Monthly games are yours to keep forever, regardless of whether you maintain your subscription.

In addition to the PC game bundle, Humble Monthly subscribers can also take advantage of a 10 percent discount on at Humble’s digital games store. The Humble Trove of DRM-free games is also available for free to subscribers. Masocore platformer Super Meat Boy was just added to the Humble Trove library, joining existing favorites like Gone Home, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and The Sexy Brutale. Like the games included in the Humble Monthly bundle, you can keep Humble Trove titles even if you cancel your subscription.

Five percent of every Humble Monthly bundle subscription is donated to a charity. The organization changes each month; February’s Humble Monthly bundle donations will go toward Charity: Water.

Source: polygon

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