2 tyranitars duoed, but niantic’s timer does not think so

So once we've managed to duo a tyranitar with bite/crunch (6 sec left). Today we decided to record this on other raids. I took my MacBook to record (that's why the time was the same and it showed no carrier etc. on video) cause I'm using iOS 9 and not able to record my screen from phone directly. But. On both different raids we faced a terrible time's up bug. The battle was stopping with 9 seconds left and "time's up" message was appearing with 5 seconds left. So we wasted 2 passes cause we didn't manage to defeat each tyranitar within 30 minutes we had because of this bug on some attempts and bad luck on other. Time sync is correct on both phones. This is the most annoying after dodge bug and can't take down gym after raid bug. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhRoBsb0vIE

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