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► ARK PVE Server Rules & Information

#1 – Anytime you are playing in the server you must be watching the stream. This is to help me run the server as an admin. When issues happen it’s a lot easier for me to use my voice to ask you questions or to answer your questions then it is to type in game. If you can’t be play in my server & watch at the same then don’t play in the server. There is no exceptions to this rule. This server is for myself and my viewers if you aren’t watching then you aren’t a viewer now are ya?

• During the stream I will ask somebody in the game to type a certain number randomly. This is to make sure you are watching. If you are “AFK” ( I know a lot of people will use that excuse) then you don’t need to be in the server taking up a slot. You won’t get banned from the server but you will get kicked in order to let active people join and play.

#2 – Do not follow me around trying to get my attention. I’m glad that you want to play in the server but this isn’t a server to follow the streamer around. This is server is so you can come and have fun with your friends or make friends and have a good time. No you can’t join my tribe it’s only for my son and I. (pay2win)When you hit level 70 you’ll get invited to my alliance that shows everybody in the server that you are serious about our server. We will do things together but everything takes time to set-up.

#3 – No Flying Dinos – Reason – PVE is easier than PVP why make it easier and boring when you can fly from point A to point B without fear of anything. Sure you can farm faster but who are you competing against? Why ignore 90% of other ARK Dino’s if you are just going to fly everywhere.(pay2win) I know Ragnarok has the Griffin and new Dragon that everybody wants to use but give the server a chance. When you can’t fly anywhere you have to play differently it makes PVE more fun in my opinion. If you really want flying Dino’s there’s a lot of other servers that allow them.

#3 – Don’t take items from people when they die

#4 – Beacon Drops – who ever gets there first gets the beacon. Please don’t steal from somebody else.

#5 – Don’t build in community areas they will have a sign that says “COMMUNITY AREA” if you think an area should be a community area call me so we can mark it

#5 – Don’t join a tribe or invite people to your tribe unless you trust them 100%. If one member of the tribe breaks a rule the whole tribe pays for it. This is because I don’t want to deal with excuses like “it wasn’t me it was my friend”

#6 – Don’t leave foundations around the map if you aren’t going to use them. You are responsible for going back and removing them if you aren’t going to use them.(pay2win) If one of your member leaves foundations around the map to troll us, all of your tribe structures get deleted not just those foundations.

#7 – You must join the PS4 Community named “AlexRamiGaming” you can find it by searching my name and then my communities

► Server Name – YouTube AlexRamiGaming Ragnarok
• Harvesting Multiplier x3
• XP Multiplier x3
• Taming Speed Multiplier x10
• Baby Mature Speed Multiplier x20
• Spoiling Multiplier x2
• Item-Decomposition Multiplier x3
• Corpse-Decomposition Multiplier x3
• Allow Platform Saddle MultiFloors
• Allow Anyone Baby Imprint Cuddle
• All item containers lockable

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