ALL THE SKELETONS ARE CALLED LARRY!?! | Clash Royale – Summer of 2v2 Episode 5 // Legends of 2v2!

I’ve got one word to explain why this video is late: work.

But my last day of work is this Tuesday and school starts on Wednesday, and after I’m finished with the ACT and college applications, I will be back at it full swing with more regular uploads! Until then, I won’t be too punctual. Sorry 🙁

In this Summer of 2v2 Episode, we take a break from the challenges and my losing deck which I refuse to replace, and take part in a pretty cool side project which Supercell made for Clash Royale in honor of the Summer of 2v2 event.

Check it out here:

Also let me know if you want me to make a story with YOU and ME.


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