Apple’s Siri Really Likes Super Mario Run

Fans have discovered that Apple’s now infamous Siri will actually answer questions about it playing Super Mario Run. Evidently, the A.I. quite likes Nintendo’s latest iOS offering.

Many have assumed that a special deal was reached between Nintendo and Apple following the announcement that Super Mario Run would be arriving on the latter’s in-house operating system, iOS, before any other. What’s become apparent since the announcement of the game is that a marketing agreement appears to have been put into place on the Apple App Store, but gamers have quickly discovered that the deal for Super Mario Run‘s timed exclusivity doesn’t appear to have ended there.

As gamers have learned in the wake of Mario’s debut on the App Store, the built-in ‘assistant’ known as Siri actually has quite an affinity for Nintendo’s pudgy plumber and his first-ever adventure on Apple hardware. When asked whether or not Siri has played Super Mario Run, the ever-witty A.I. will retort with one of a bevy of various lines that reference the game and the Mushroom Kingdom as a whole. In fact, some may dare to say that the virtual assistant’s comments could be enough to light up even Bowser’s dark heart.

A compilation highlighting all of the known Super Mario Run replies can be seen below, via GameXplain.

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As the video indicates, simply asking Siri whether or not it likes Super Mario Run is enough to trigger these responses, but something additional will also occur for anyone that says “It’s Mario time” to the application. Indeed, it’s one of the more interesting easter eggs that Apple has placed within Siri thus far, and it just goes to show the relationship that Nintendo shares with the Cupertino, California-based company.

If it weren’t already obvious by now, Nintendo has plans to bring its iconic IP to new audiences – with mobile games for outside hardware being a big step in that direction. With that said, other initiatives include film and television for Nintendo’s many properties, although no one is quite sure just when this particular move will come to bear fruit. Even then, the premise of seeing the company’s mascots through new mediums is sure to be enticing for many longtime and casual fans.

For now, however, gamers can have a few minutes of fun by talking to Siri about Mario. On the other hand, those unable to do so can instead go about registering to be notified of Super Mario Run‘s imminent release on Android.

Super Mario Run is currently available on iOS devices, with Android platforms set to receive the game in 2017.

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