[Complaint] EX Raids are one of the worst installments to the game

I live in a town of over 100 gyms, but none are sponsored. We have a pretty active raiding community and I can guarantee many have spent +$100 just for raid passes since raids were released. True to Niantic what is said is never meant. When they hinted at EX Raids, they mentioned that those who were active in the new GYM SYSTEM (not specifying raiding) would be rewarded. And so I thought that meant multiple things from raiding to gym battling to medals in gyms. Raiding isn't the only way to be active in the current gym system and should not be considered the only thing determining if you get a raid pass. Raid passes should be distributed to players holding a gold medal at that gym that is designated for an EX Raid, too. These tests are also becoming more and more frustrating as time progresses. Sure testing is easiest at specific sponsored gyms but how are they testing algorithms if they just place them at sponsored gyms? It seems more counterintuitive if all they have to do is flip a switch giving all sponsored gyms a mewtwo. There is no effort in their testing in the US, it seems. It should be more randomized and distributed. Watching other places get raid passes at the beginning of the week and knowing i wont be receiving one even though i play consistently makes me so frustrated at the process. Once I see the new wave of raid passes, i just sit here hoping I get selected next week for an EX Raid in my town. Niantic do something to end this infuriating experience of hoping we receive an EX raid pass.

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