[Complaint] These EX Test raids are disgusting.

I'm a hardcore player, hard at work and grinding on a daily basis since launch, with my sheer drive being to get my hands on the almighty MEWTWO, the most powerful Pokemon I know… Hearing about the test raids made me excited – maybe they'd pick long time active players to participate? Great stuff, that'd be!


Instead, it's some spoofer at level 20 who doesn't know anything about anything Pokemon GO related, sitting happily at home giving Mewtwo a flipping Nanab berry. NANAB BERRY. (This was in a stream of one of the EX raids at the Cupid's Span gym, I believe).

These test raids are disgusting. You're telling me that even with this new, cool EX system that Niantic is so adamant about pushing, the spoofers still win? This is genuinely cringe worthy. Niantic, if this is who you're targeting (OBSCENELY casual spoofers) than maybe you shouldn't have the passionate players you do. You don't deserve them.

Any thoughts guys? Just needed to get this off of my chest.

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