[Discussion] Please extend raid hours for those of us with day jobs or school

I have a job with fairly regular hours; your typical 8 to 5 kind of deal, so my play time revolves around my career. In order to compete with the overwhelming presence of Team Valor in my area, instead of getting a new job, I took to getting up at 4 in the morning so I can have enough time to farm items, battle gyms and collect coins, and then jog enough to hatch a 5k egg all without having gyms immediately taken back from me or having to dodge traffic. Even with the new gym system, my game play has largely been unchanged.

Unfortunately though, this means that even in a town that has enough gyms for a good variety of raids and enough people willing to spend money on premium passes to knock out multiple four stars a day, I miss almost all of them. Raids start when I clock in and end a couple of short hours after I can actually play again. And as it so happens most of my team plays in the early morning as well, and most of a certain other team play during the day. Guess who's getting all those snorlaxes and tyrannitars, and who will inevitably be getting legendaries when they roll out… and who isn't.

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Please Niantic, think of the working stiffs and the students. Those of us who would be glad to spend money on coins to participate in raids but can't because of our small window of play time. Give us a bigger raid window, or just let raids spawn 24 hours a day, what do you have to lose? Let the night owls have their time. Let us early birds do our thing. Please. But don't handicap one of your newest and nicest features by locking out everyone who has somewhere to be during the day.

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