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Shortly after the release of gen 2 Niantic announced that they were going with a quarterly release for major updates to the game and that gen 2 had been the major update for Q1. We know for certain that the gym rework and raids were the Q2 release (though I have seen a few people suggest that raids may be Q3 as they were technically released after the gym rework) and there's debate about the Q3 update. Some people think it was legendaries and EX raids, some people think it will be gen 3, and others think that the Q3 release got pushed to Q4 due to all the issues with GoFest and EX raids.

Personally I'm hoping early this coming week we get an update with the sound files and moves for gen 3 in the game data and the flip gets switched on Thursday, but most people seem to think it won't be until after the legendary beasts are done rotating. That does seem more likely, though less fun :p And also not what I'm here to talk about.

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I wanted to know, whatever you think will or has already been the Q3 update, what do you guys think could be other updates in the future? Not just little features you want like new items (I want a 'lucky star' that doubles stardust for a half an hour), but things on par with the gen releases and gym rework. The only other ideas I keep seeing are PVP and trading, but I know there are probably a ton of different things they could put in the game.

I would love to see NPC random battles like in the main series games. You're walking around and they spawn like wild pokemon. Ideally I would love if you had to select a team that you intend to use for those before the battles rather than getting to customize based on your opponents team. I would also love to see a friendslist that would allow you to show off your latest catches, see your friends stats, maybe increase the odds of getting into the same lobby to people who are friends when there's more than 20 people trying to join at once, allow daily gifts of small items which could help people in rural communities…

So, does anyone have any other ideas? Any feature you'd LOVE to see added, or hate to see added but think it will be anyway? Something you know will never happen but you can dream? I'm genuinely curious.

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