hey guys remember that subreddit holiday thingy we told you about when we set the sub to text post mode for gen 2 release

Many of you know, that today/tomorrow (depends on where you live) is April Fools' Day.

In this post, we had told you about an incoming "subreddit holiday".

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Now, considering the circumstances, we would make today the subreddit holiday!

Over the last few months, we've had some memes sprout out from the subreddit, such as:


…That's about it, yeah. We really need to up our game.

Enjoy, or cringe at, whatever kind of shitposts this horribly depressed, salty subreddit can come up within the next 32 hours or so.

eXtreme circumstances, such as a major announcement from Niantic, would warrant an immediate halt to this holiday, and the sub will be put in text-mode temporarily.

That aside, mods won't be removing anything that aren't spam sites, porn, or the like.

Feel free to blatantly beg for karma, bamboozle, make upvote threads, or even post generic screenshots shudder. Effortless shitposting is strongly encouraged! Just avoid shitposting in the comments of the Q&A Megathread or legitimate news/question threads – they're no-shitpost haven.

In case someone thinks that this is just an annoyance, we haven't gone many major news today, and this is a good way to have the subreddit let out steam like once a year.

eXpect this subreddit to return to normal around 00:00 PDT on April 2nd, unless there's a major announcement from Niantic.

Everything aside, we hope you enjoy the saltiness.

Shitpost away!


no nsfw tho srsly

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