I just wasted an hour of my life

I am beyond irritated with this game right now. I had an enjoyable night out with friends before we went our separate ways. I was walking home as I didn't live that far away from town. On the way home there was a gym and I decided to take it over before calling it a night. This is where the night took a turn. Network error followed by network error, followed by error, followed by finally entering a gym battle at zero seconds to be kicked out immediately, followed by my +3000CP Tyranitar dropping dead. It was IMPOSSIBLE to battle. When I did get the chance to battle I could normally face just one Pokémon for one round before getting an error and having to restart the game. One hour later and five Pokémon were defeated. One remained and it would take just one more battle to knock it out… And then my phone died. After all that annoyance and the perseverance… Nothing. Nothing to show for an hour of my life. It's times like this when I find it hard to stay positive about this game.

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