[Idea] Add a sort of "Pokemon Filter" to let us disable certain pokemon from showing up in sightings or nearby

Just an idea I had. We should have the option to disable certain pokemon from showing up in sightings or nearby. It would be useful for when there's many pokemon around, and stuff won't show up because the maximum amount of pokemon is there.

For example, take this hypothetical situation: r is looking for pokemon in the best pokemon go spot near him. r already has most of his pokedex filled, but has three more he needs to catch: Lapras, Aerodactyl, and Charizard. He opens up his game and sees this in his sightings:

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Weedle Tauros Venonat

Zubat Krabby Paras

Pidgey Oddish Rattata

Upset, r leaves the area immediataly and deletes the app out of frustration.

However, at the same time, Trainer (Who comes from SF and so got the update early) is also there at the time, in the exact same place, with the same exact pokedex. He puts on the game and sees this in sightings:

Pidgey Paras Zubat

Krabby Weedle Oddish

Rattata Venonat Tauros

Trainer, however, has the pokemon filter, and is excited to use it. He goes into the Pokemon filter and disables Pidgey, Rattata, and Weedle,

He looks at his sightings again and sees this:

Paras Zubat Krabby

Oddish Venonat Tauros

Lapras Charizard Aerodactyl

Absoluty shocked in surprise, Trainer runs around looking for the three. He first runs forward, and sees the Aerodactyl! After throwing many ultra balls, he catches it! He then runs over to the left and sees………. Tauros. Fail. He then decides to go back to his starting point and heads right and sees….. the Lapras! After using many ultra balls, he catches that too! Then finally, he goes the direction behind him, knowing that the Charizard must be there. And it shows up! He throws a Ultra ball. The suspense starts. It may be the end of his pokedex! It shakes once. It shakes twice. And then…..

…….It runs away.

But yeah, if r had had the filter, he would have noticed those rare pokemon, but instead, he only saw common pokemon because of the lack of a filter.

This same sort of thing works with nearby too.

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