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Hey trainers.

I've had an (well, to me at least) awesome idea how to implement the PokéCenters from the main game into Pokémon GO with some merit for rural players, urban players and metropolitans as well as Niantic alike. Without further ado, here we go:

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Install PokéCenters at locations that are not neccessarily landmarks. In the main game, a PokéCenter would be stationed even along the way from one city to another. This is where rural players get to have their fun, too!

Since PokéCenters don't have to be landmarks (or hospitals for that matter but that's a good way to implement them as well for bigger cities, mind you), rural players get access to them, too. And here's my gameplay idea for PokéCenters:

  1. Once per week you can revive all your fainted Pokémon. For simplicities' sake, let's say the weekly reset is at Monday 9am.

  2. When you enter the PokéCenter, you get 5 Quests per Week which you'll want to complete by the next weekly reset.

Let's dig deeper into this. Quests can be divided into ranging from 1 Star to 5 Stars with 1 Star being the easiest to complete and 5 Star the most demanding one. So, what's a good 1 Star weekly quest? For example: Walk 20 Kilometers within those 7 days until the next reset. Or "Hatch 10 eggs" (wouldn't matter if it's 2km, 5km, or 10km). Or "Complete a Level 1 Raid or higher" (Level 1 raids such as Magikarp). The rewards would be tied to their difficulty but the general approach should be:

  • Stardust
  • A little bit of Coins (think of 10-20-50-100-250 for 1 to 5 Star). Remember, you can only do this once per week if you're free to play. But this is where the niantic's favourite part comes in which I will cover a bit further down the road.
  • An Ex-Pass for Mewtwo, Ho-Oh and whatever comes next (that's so much better than the shit they're doing right now) no matter which Quest you complete but only one ex-pass total since Niantic is obsessed with the idea of Mewtwo and the likes being somewhat rare.
  • A fair bit of XP
  • One of those at random: Rare Candy, Golden Rasp, TMs

Now you might ask: What's a 5 Star Quest like? If Niantic wants to pursue the lazy route, they can just up the values of the aforementioned ones. Like: Walk 50 Kilometers. Do a Lvl 5 (Legendary) Raid, hatch 50 Eggs etc. Of course, the highest difficulty should be providing the highest payout. Also: Players can complete all the quests but in case they do: the maximum amount of Coins they can get is capped at 250 so the game doesn't suffer from gold inflation. I know some people will downvote me for this, but it's basic economics. Pump too much money into a system and eventually, the money becomes useless.

So, rural players (which I am one of, just saying) get their fair share and if they're lucky enough, it'll be just the Walking Quest which is easy to do. Yes, it would suck to get a Legendary Raid as a requirement for the 5 Star quest but since you have a whole week to complete this, people might be able to just drive via train or bus to the nearest city and finish their quest over there. It's easing up the burden tbf.

So, now we'll get to the point where Niantic gets to have their "fun". Since they'd never implement something like this in a state where players would win and Niantic wouldn't, here's my idea of how to monetize a system like this:

  1. For a whopping 9,99 (or the equivalent in coins) you can reset the weekly quests and get another shot. Before you downvote, just think of Raid Passes. Is this bothering you? They're 100 coins or 1 USD/Euro. If your answer is no, why would it bother you if someone spends 10 USD/Euro for another slew of Weekly Quests?

So, what do you think about this? I'm up for any suggestions but so far, I like the idea 🙂

PS.: That last 1 should be a 3.. but the system doesn't want to..

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