Level 40 is easy & here’s why + Raiding destroyed Pokémon concept [Complaint]

As time passed the number of Level 40 trainers keeps increasing due to the long time the game as been released by now and how easy is it to make XP by becoming a costumer of Niantic Pay2win raid grinding XP system which prevents Free2play hardcore players like me who don’t use money on this game and farm XP by catching Pokémon and spinning Pokéstops to no longer play the game in the supposedly normal way. Niantic started to ruin the Free2play trainers game who like to farm XP by introducing a easily reachable limit of Pokémon you can catch and Pokéstops you can spin in 7 days.

If you do not know already there is a 3500 limit of Pokémon/Pokéstops you can catch/spin in the last 7days, if you surpass this limit you become soft banned for x hours and in the next day you are allowed to catch/spin 500 more Pokémon/Pokéstops and it stays this way until the number of Pokémon/Pokéstops you catched/spinned goes bellow 3500 in the time span of the last 7 days.

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Niantic purposely introduced this limit, the gym rework and decreased the amount of gym coins per day for people to focus on raids because as of now it’s the easiest way to Level up and the only thing required is money.

Hardcore players who wanted to reach Level 40 used to make an average of 20,000 XP in 30 minutes using a lucky egg by farming Pokémon catches and Pokéstops spins and at that time, before raids were introduced the only difference between Free2play and Pay2win players was that the Pay2win players could buy more lucky eggs and for that reason farm 20,000 XP in 30 minutes instead of Free2play players which most of the times would farm 10,000 XP in 30 minutes because getting 100 coins a day from gyms would not be enough to supply lucky eggs for the amount of hours they would normally play.

Now with the raid system this is hugely unbalanced: Pay2win players buy their raid passes and lucky eggs and can coordinate to easily grind 4 Level 4-5 raids in 30 minutes which using a lucky egg will give 80,000 XP. While Free2play players can’t in anyway participate in the raid system because of the decreased gym coins per day.

I understand that Niantic is a company and in the end all companies want to make money but I dislike the fact that they turned the game in such a way that achieving Level 40 is now so easy especially if you have money, it’s only a matter of showing to a high level raid and tapping your screen to get the same amount of XP that before you had to grind for 30 minutes (20,000).

I reached Level 40 on April and it was something special for me because it was truly something you had to work hard for, especially if you were a Free2play player like me. Since Day 1 I have never spent money on this game and used all the gym coins I got to buy Storage/Bag upgrades and lucky eggs(never bought other items) because I wanted to be one of the highest when it came to XP but now there is no way I can compete with players who use money on this game. I have reached Level 40 twice (40 million XP on August 2) but there is no way I can compete with paying players when it comes to XP because I am limited to the weekly limit which I talked previously and I can simply reached it by only playing 5 hours a day.

It’s ridiculous how unbalanced the game is right now when it comes to XP, Level 40 is no longer a challenge with the raid system, it’s not something you have to work hard for anymore, pay money for raid passes to do 1000 Level 4-5 raids while using a lucky egg and you will get 20 Million XP(Level 40) (and the Gold Raid badge), all you have to do is tap your screen to defeat the boss.

Free2play hardcore players who recognize that they can’t compete with Pay2win players have 2 options: -Join the pay club -Quit the game

I recognize that I can’t compete with the other players and I quit because Niantic doesn’t allow me to play more than 5 hours a day and as a “hardcore” player this is nothing compared to how much I like the game and want to play/played before the weekly limit. I dislike raids and how much they ruined the game in the XP perspective and on the overall gameplay, it’s all about raids now, raids raids raids, money money money for Niantic, the true concept of Pokémon and catching them is dead, it’s only raids now.

PS: In this case when I say “Pay2win” I am referring to having an advantage in terms of making XP by paying to get more raid passes and that the use of them will get you an insane amount of XP. I didn’t even spoke about the fact it rewards good Pokémon because this post was mainly focused on the huge amount of XP raids reward and how it affects leveling up. Raids are unbalanced compared to the old Pay2win method which included lucky eggs to grind. I also didn’t spoke about paying to buy incubators/lures which helped leveling up faster before raiding existed because it was nowhere near unbalanced as raids are in terms of advantage.

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