My EX-Raid experience. Seattle!!! Sprint store??

I live in seattle wa. I believe this is the 3rd test round of invites at sponsered sprint gyms. I was the at Sprint store next to 24 hour fitness in northgate for anyone else who is in seattle.
I am level 35 and my gf was 33 when she got the invite. Both valor.

I got an Ex-raid invite about 2 days ago at 2:53am. My girlfriend got one also and called me at 6 in the morning to tell me we got them. I didn't go back to sleep..

After 2 days of anxiously waiting I went to the raid spot at 4:00 (starts at 6:00 and heard the last seattle raid had people there 5 hours before it started) with my gf to meet a friend to gain gym control. No one else is there. We take the gym and pretty much chill for an hour an 35 mins before someone else showed up. ( This is a very busy corner for north Seattle) within 5 minutes, 13 mystic had shown up and were sending us on probably my most epic gym territory war I've been in with just 1 gym. 3 valors holding it Down against 13 mystics. We used a decent amount of golden razz berries and communication. To make sure we don't double razz something. During the last 5 mins of egg countdown the cavalry arrives. 5 more valor to help hold down. Only problem is gym is in bad spot and unless u remotely feed berries, u keep getting errored out of gym. Slowly the mystics are breaking through the defenses taking out 3 of the 6 pokemon. Blissey gyaradose and vaporeon remain. 3 mins left and then mystics realized they can't do it and let us have it.

Now the mewtwo raid!! (If u don't have a raid pass, then gym looks like a normal gym.
We split teams to try and get everyone the most balls.
Full mystic team in seconds while the valors and 2 instincts have to rejoin a lobby 3 times to get everyone in.

I got 13 balls but got it on my first great curve with golden razz.
Most people caught it with only a rare few not catching it.
Mine was a 91% 15-11-15. It was a pretty fun time overall. Feel free to ask any questions if u want.


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