My little brother ran down screaming there is a Venusaur nearby

I was sitting downstairs browsing my daily internet websites etc when my little brother, 12 years old, ran down the stairs screaming my name saying there is a Venusaur nearby.
I look at the map, "It's not too far away it looks like" I think.
So obviously, we get dressed and set off our journey to find it.
Turns out we had to walk almost 2 Kilometers because it was on the other side of the river.
About 20 minutes later, we got there, it showed up!
We both tried our best to catch ours. Once I caught mine, I offered him to let me throw for him. (I often land great throws more often)
Few great balls later, we realized he's out of Pokeballs.
With the realization, I looked at his face, he was about to cry as he went to leave the encounter.
I said "Give me your phone for a second"
I went to the store, bought some Poke coins from my account and bought one of the packs with great balls in it.
We started catching it again.
5-6 pokeballs later, the ball wiggled once, twice, thrice. I looked at my brother as he jumped onto me to give me a hug saying "Thank you thank you thank you thank you"
The look on his face, his smile, definitely worth the £15 I spent on the coins.
His Venusaur had about 900CP and became his third strongest Pokemon.

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