NEW BANDIT DECK | Clash Royale – Friendly Battles and Clan Battles ft. FTP Gaming

Sorry for the lack of activity these past few weeks – I’ve been busy with school and exams.

Anyways, in this video, I try out the Bandit for the FIRST TIME (yes, I finally unlocked him as a free-to-play player) in a new deck! But, I am not alone! I am joined by the YouTuber FTP Gaming and we face-off in friendly battles and team up in clan battles, so we can test my new deck and have some fun together! As you may guess, the deck is horrible – or maybe I just haven’t had enough practice – and I end up switching back to my main spawner deck towards the end of the video. But FTP Gaming STILL ends up winning the battles, and the only “win” I get out of the video is the last clan battle that we do together.

That makes FTP Gaming the champion of this collaboration.

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Now that’s just another failed collaboration on my part.

Anyways, make sure you guys check out FTP Gaming and subscribe! As shown by the collab, he is a lot more skilled and knowledgeable in the game than I am and deserves a LOT more subscribers and support.

Here is his channel:

Let’s see if he can hit 50 subscribers by the end of this month!

Also, here is the link to the website where I found my bandit deck, in case you’re interested:

Clash Royale Bandit – Information, Strategies and Decks

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