NEW BANDIT DECK | Clash Royale – Friendly Battles and Clan Battles ft. FTP Gaming

Sorry for the lack of activity these past few weeks – I’ve been busy with school and exams.

Anyways, in this video, I try out the Bandit for the FIRST TIME (yes, I finally unlocked him as a free-to-play player) in a new deck! But, I am not alone! I am joined by the YouTuber FTP Gaming and we face-off in friendly battles and team up in clan battles, so we can test my new deck and have some fun together! As you may guess, the deck is horrible – or maybe I just haven’t had enough practice – and I end up switching back to my main spawner deck towards the end of the video. But FTP Gaming STILL ends up winning the battles, and the only “win” I get out of the video is the last clan battle that we do together.

That makes FTP Gaming the champion of this collaboration.

Now that’s just another failed collaboration on my part.

Anyways, make sure you guys check out FTP Gaming and subscribe! As shown by the collab, he is a lot more skilled and knowledgeable in the game than I am and deserves a LOT more subscribers and support.

Here is his channel:

Let’s see if he can hit 50 subscribers by the end of this month!

Also, here is the link to the website where I found my bandit deck, in case you’re interested:

Clash Royale Bandit – Information, Strategies and Decks

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NEW BANDIT DECK | Clash Royale – Friendly Battles and Clan Battles ft. FTP Gaming
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