Niantic increasing spawn rates of specific rare pokémon?

this seems a bit odd, but recently i (along w many others) have been noticing an increase in rare pokémon spawning. and while it may seem as though niantic has just increased the spawn rates of all pokémon to make a rare pokémon spawn more likely, i think that they actually just increase the spawn rate of specific "rare" pokémon. recently, i've caught a wild nidoking and seen two on the nearby. i've read stories on this reddit of people seeing the same and catching wild nidokings recently. in one of mystic7's newer vids, he caught a wild nidoking the same day i caught mine! in addition, i had never found a hitmonchan. it was my white whale so to speak. a few nights ago, i finally saw it on the nearby for the first time ever. i ran to catch it and was elated when i finally added it to my pokedex. but then the very next day, i found ANOTHER hitmonchan! in the same city! and this was definitely not a hitmonchan nest…later that same day, i noticed that trainertips caught a hitmonchan too. the very same day I had caught my own! maybe these findings are just coincidences, but they seem a little too abnormal to be purely lucky. thanks!

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Niantic increasing spawn rates of specific rare pokémon?
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