Pokemon Generations Episode Features Essentia

The end of Pokemon Generations is nearly here, but not before we get a look at the post-game content of Gen 6, with Looker’s encounter with the mysterious Essentia.

It’s coming up to the final week of the spectacularly animated Pokemon Generations, and in the penultimate episode we take a look into the endgame content of 2013’s Pokemon X and Y.

In what is most likely the second to last episode of Nintendo’s Pokemon-based series, the company takes players back to the post-game of Pokemon X and Y, featuring Looker’s quest to stop the mysterious and powerful Essentia. After the disappearance of the orphan girl Emma, who Looker had previously hired as his assistant for his detective agency, the member of the international police must now prevent the wave of crime that is sweeping Lumiose City.

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For those who didn’t play through to the end of last generation’s Pokemon titles, the player character encounters Essentia for themselves in the Kalos region, battling the villain several times after completion of the X and Y storyline. The suit that the trainer wears gives Essentia superhuman physical abilities, as well as the power to override a Pokeball’s programming, and even change appearance. As with previous episodes of Pokemon Generations, we do not get a look at the protagonist in this latest clip, though they should actually have been present for this particular scene.

This is far from the first appearance that Detective Looker has made in the weekly installments, with the hero being present all throughout the series up to this point. Looker has infiltrated the Team Rocket headquarters, faced off against Heatran, and now done battle with the super-powered thief of Lumiose City. However, with just one final episode remaining next week, it’s likely that this is goodbye to everyone’s favorite Pokemon investigator.

If you’ve somehow gone the last few months without having seen Pokemon Generations, the series consists of weekly, bite-sized episodes that aim to give fans an insight into the events of the Pokemon world from perspectives other than that of the protagonist. Last week saw our debut into the Kalos region, which means that the next and final episode is due to be set in the world of Pokemon X and Y too. However, since we’re seeing post-game content now, it could be that Nintendo wants to give players a tiny glimpse into the record-breaking Pokemon Sun and Moon for the series finale.

The first seventeen episodes of Pokemon Generations are available to watch on YouTube right now, with the series finale set to air on December 23, 2016.

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