Pokemon Go Christmas Event to Start on December 21, We Might See Delibird

As reported by TechCrunch, Christmas event is coming to Pokemon Go sometime around December 21 and I think that during this event, Delibird will start to spawn.

For those who don’t know, Delibird is a dual-type Ice-Flying Pokemon, that has the look of Santa Clause, and shares its food with humans. Its signature move, Present, allows it to carry special items in its tail that may cause damage or heal its opponent.

In an interview with Niantic’s Archit Bhargava, TechCrunch reports that a new event is confirmed, and will start sometime around December 21. Archit Bhargava hasn’t mentioned Delibird as part of the Christmas event, but all evidence indicates that we are getting the penguin for Christmas.

PokemonGoHub also reports their belief to see Delibird during the Christmas event, and here is the proof:

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  • Delibird’s signature move Present was added in 0.85.1, similar to how Ditto’s Transform was added prior to its release
  • Full support for the Present fast move is in the APK, including the sound effects and required textures
  • present_fast game object
  • mesh_present.png
  • 217-0_present audio clip
  • The new Holiday 2017 loading screen features a flying present and a suspicious red ball hiding behind the Christmas tree, as spotted on Twitter


I know that the above-mentioned is just speculation, but the mentioned sources are reliable and most of the time they don’t make mistakes.

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