Pokemon Go Dangerous Adventure!! “Getting Started”

Evander learns how to play pokemon go.

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Hello fellow Subscribers, on my channel you will find many things such as my Dad Raging constantly and my brother who is aways angry over video games such as call of duty, Black ops 3, and gta 5

My brother cody is a gamer who loves to play on his ps4 and xbox one and his favorite game of all is league of legends. P.s he spent $300 on league of legends once check that video out
Anyways his Favorite youtubers are pewdiepie, Dillion the Hacker, Prank channels If i ever have a chance to replace my dad with psycho dad i would…trust me i would …i didnt just hit my head with a rock and come up with the name ‘Raging Dad’ I got the name from my dad constantly raging and breaking my stuff and aways pranking me. There is so much stuff I didnt film because I didnt have a camera around. But this time i am prepared! Im prepared to fight these obstacles with the help of you guys
So there you have it there’s nothing much i can say now, the only thing I can say is welcome to my life…….oh did i forget to mention i have a older brother well I’ll leave that for another Story, until next time, i’m out…….Thanks Guys

Raging Series

Raging Dad Breaks My Phone!

Raging Dad busts down door!!
This is my Rage Series out of all Crazy, Raging, Psycho things my dad did is placed on my rage series you could call my dad a Angry dad, Crazy dad, Psycho dad…..I call him Raging Dad he likes to break, Destroy and damage many of my stuff like my xbox one and my ps4. On the other hand my brother unfortunately are similar to my dad, but they just like to prank me alot. There were several pranks my brothers did to me such as Slap me when i sleep, Hide my stuff, Break my xbox one Remote and much more. In the future of 2016 Ill play fallout 4, Dead rising , League of legend, Farcry, Black ops 3 and others. So yeah that all I have to say and this is my story.
*Please Note*
later in 2016 once im able to get a 4k camera ill start
vlogging. So feel free to donate to the channel so I can reach that goal much faster……oh one more thing If you read my whole description write “Team CREED” in comment section

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Pokemon Go Dangerous Adventure!! “Getting Started”
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