Pokemon Go Footage | Can You Catch A Gastly In The Cemetery? | Poke Vlog Part 1

Pokemon Go Footage | Can You Catch A Gastly In The Cemetery? | Poke Vlog Part 1
Welcome to Pokemon Go Gameplay where we go around the city catching rare pokemon and mostly common ones. We do experience a lot of pokemon go glitches since the game is still new or in beta but hey! We still have a great time.
Since I mostly ride my bike or in a car, it seems to make my eggs hatch faster but in this episode, I got my Gastly from hatching an egg.
This series is more like a vlog so there’s not much editing and the audio quality is not the best due to the GoPro being new to me and I don’t have all the equipment yet.
A cool pokemon go battle will be shown once we get to the gym, I still feel new so I want to level up a little more before we get to that point xD
Each episode we will try to accomplish a goal from catching a rare, beating a gym or evolving a rare. Hopefully we can do those things every video.

ΩΩ Thanks ΩΩ

 Thanks to a long time youtube friend, UnclearPixels, for making me this awesome Thumbnail
• His Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/unclearpixels
• His Twitter: https://twitter.com/unclearpixels

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