Pokemon X Digimon – Charmander Evolution

Charizard Y – https://youtu.be/9GWSxMm05vg

What? Charmander is evolving! Digimon style!
This is a fan-made parody video of two franchises, Pokemon and Digimon.

Song Used –
Digimon Season 1 Opening Theme by Paul Gordon; written by Shuki Levy, Paul Gordon, Kussa Mahchi

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Brave Heart by Miyazaki Ayumi; written by Oomori Sachiko; composed/arranged by Oota Michihiko

*I do not own Pokemon. All characters are copyrights of Nintendo/Creatures Inc./Game Freak Inc.

*I do not own Digimon. All Digimon copyrights are owned by TOEI and their respective companies.

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