[Question] Which is more frustrating, waiting or being impolite?

So I recently found a discord for my area and have been doing lots of T4 raids. Generally people decide to see what hatches before attending.

Honestly, it'd be nice to see what spawns in the first 2 hours, even if we can't fight it. Some people don't want to drive 20-30 minutes for a Blastoise.

However, since some people wait, generally people give the "I can be there in 10-15 minutes" or some other reasonable time.

A big group of about 10 people got there, and one person said they are about 10 minutes away. While at the location, someone who also said they were 10 minutes away, but 10 minutes prior, starting complaining that we had to wait, after literally just waiting for them. Some people were hopping in the raid, stating, "Oh we got 5 people in the lobby" and others started to get confused until I said, "no no no wait there are more coming that'd like to join".

Now, if someone said they were an unreasonable amount of time away, I think it's respectful to ask them to join a different group since we all have things to do in our lives. But 10 minutes? I think that's something a person could wait for, seeing as we waited for them.

Another story I have is there was a woman that called out a T4 raid near her house that was in the distance from where she lives. Since she was the one that notified everyone, we decided it was best to wait for them. In this situation, we had about 8 people with us. 2 people started ranting about how the lady was late to her own party (understandably so), but I also felt it'd be really douchey to do the raid without her and leave.

3 of the people joined the lobby and saw there were about 5 spoofers in the lobby as well, so they did the raid, caught their charizard and left. The remaining 5 of us, once that woman showed up, were unable to defeat the charizard and it seemed some people only willing to try once.

So, which type of person are you? Okay with waiting for people that say they're coming, or someone that wants to start the second you get there if given the opportunity?

Also, am I douche if I say "the boss is this, anyone coming" and someone responds and then saying, "okay, we'll wait for you" before really asking anyone? I need to remember to ask others if they are okay with waiting. I do think it's respectful to wait if the time is reasonable. But I am starting to get frustrated with people that want to start the second they get there and that often results in splitting up the group and one group failing because of people. It seems once one person shows up that is like that, people start panicing if they are able to even defeat the boss so they jump in too to confirm the victory.

I should also note that everyone was also in the discord group as well, so they could have responded. I'm not sure why it seems a majority of people don't respond at all. I always say, "you snooze your lose". I generally, if I don't ask, wait for people to respond. I guess I'm just given the opportunity to decide. For the record, 9 of the 10 people were okay with waiting. One person was not

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[Question] Which is more frustrating, waiting or being impolite?
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