Raid in Berlin and Unibails security called the cops

We just got back after the first to raids in at Unibails Gropius Passagen in Berlin.

FYI The only sponsorship Niantic has in Europa is a with Unibail, a company owning malls. And invited players to the only place in Berlin where raids happen.

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The first raid was kind a boring. You can easily bring down an Level 1 Raid-Boss yourself. We had a Bayleaf with 4500CP. As you might figure out. That was not really appealing to people. So there were around 10-15 people showing up.

A few minutes after the first Raid-Boss was gone a second egg appeared. This time Level 4. As you might figure out the news spreaded pretty fast through the city.

When the egg hatched there had been around 40+ people waiting for it. After the 25k Charizard appeared most people got a bit disappointed. Because they read somewhere that this should be only Dragonite, Tyranitar or Blissey.

A few seconds after the egg hatched the security guys of WISAG, which are working on contract for Unibail showed up with 5-6 guys and had been already somewhat aggressive. They told us we need to leave right now or they will call the police and will bring us in an impolite way out of the building.

Actually they already called the police before showing up. ETA for cops here is around 8min and they showed up 2-5min after all that happend.

It seemed they "caught" a group of Trainers since they surrounded them with 7 cops already wearing gloves and the security guys.

If you tell me how to post pictures, please let me know so I can show a picture of the situation. I was around 30m away and the security saw me, so I left. To prevent myself from getting into trouble.

The whole scene was really bizarre since we thought that we are welcome guests.

Maybe Niantic support can help to fix the situation. Because most of the highlevel players in Berlin don't want to attend these raids in this location again. If this won't change. Most of us are already disappointed because of the gym limitation. Most of us played our district and travelled to other team mates to help them out. Which is pretty pointless if you want that people play in groups and take it away.

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