The Division Developer Working on New Avatar Game

The Ubisoft studio who made The Division, Massive Entertainment, has announced it is working on a new game set in the Avatar universe, based on the film from James Cameron. Details are sparse on the game, but the game will use the developer’s proprietary Snowdrop engine used in The Division.

Massive is teaming up with James Cameron’s production company, Lightstorm Entertainment, and Fox Interactive on the project. The companies released a trailer, where only footage from the Avatar film is shown, but where the Massive developers and even James Cameron himself discuss the project:

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The game’s creative director, Magnus Jansen, says the game needs to deliver on the promise of the Avatar film, feeling like a real place that one would want to visit:

“[The game] should be the ultimate experience where you actually go to Pandora, and where you can live an alternative life on the moon.”

The game is not directly based on the first Avatar film nor any of the four planned sequels, but is based on the world of Avatar, which Massive says it is working closely with the films’ production company to make sure of.

Cameron praised Massive’s Snowdrop engine (which as promised, is getting use now outside of The Division) as well as the developer’s “passion and obsessive attention to detail,” saying the studio is the right choice to bring “beauty and danger of Pandora to life.” Likewise, the managing director at Massive Entertainment, David Polfeldt, says his team is very excited to work on the project and that the game’s themes really resonate with them:

“It fits really well with many of things we are interested in: ecology, sustainability, fighting for what you believe in. A lot of interesting values that really resonate with the team. Our mission is always to make the best games in the world. In this case, I think we have a unique opportunity to do something that is very, very rare.”

This Avatar game is set to release on PC and unspecified consoles, according to GameSpot. Massive Entertainment has worked on Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Far Cry 3, and Just Dance Now. But the developer really put itself on the map with last year’s RPG looter-shooter, The Division.

Speaking of The Division, the game’s latest and last announced expansion Last Stand debuted today. There’s no word about how Massive’s work on Avatar will change the ongoing support The Division will get, but it definitely throws into doubt the likelihood of a sequel any time soon.

No release date has been announced for the Avatar game.

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