[Video] – Machamp Raid Boss and Lugia 1v1 (+Potion)

TL;DR – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGKvZ8ET2_o

It's no longer original, but it's as title says 🙂

From a few weeks back, I was running a number of Pokebattler simulations and noted that the easiest Machamp to solo is a Counter/Close Combat one (common knowledge, but I'm slow on the pickup). IIRC, the simulator noted that my Lv36 Lugia would die once, which meant it was possible to beat it with a revive or potion recovery, but I never tried it (kinda regret that now XD)

Inspired by FunkySho's video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=–q4FeqOkYo, I finally decided to get off my lazy butt and give this raid setup a shot

My Lugia's stats are as follows – Lv38, CP3454 – ADS IV of 13/15/14 – Extrasensory/Sky Attack

Managed to win with very little time left, practically on the dot considering server syncing issues, started at 177s (178, but it immediately dropped). I did lose 1 Machamp after failing and failing again on it prior (don't attempt this with 2 minutes left on the clock, that was my bad and my waste of a Raid Pass), wasn't used to quickly exiting the fight, recovering, and then jumping in (thank goodness for hardware 'back' buttons on my phone, helped immensely), so had to wait until another opportunity to pop up

Also, since AZ screen recorder can't record internal sound, I decided to throw in a few sounds on the video editing timeline I hope folks who play the handheld games will find entertaining 🙂

Here's my solo Lugia attempt on a C/CC Machamp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGKvZ8ET2_o 😀

Re: those other Lugias I have, they're named after folks whom I intend to trade to, after Trading is finally open – friends who live in rural areas 🙂

Personal Note:

Since Lugia is my favourite Legendary pokemon across all the 7 Generations thus far, I'd like to see more people attempt this. IMO, it doesn't get enough love from what I can see due to a lack of DPS XD

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